Brightspot vs. WordPress VIP

Get the ultimate functionality and flexibility on day one with Brightspot CMS - no plug-in set up required. Publish your high volume content with excellence and with zero limitations.

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Powerful, ready-to-use CMS

Brightspot was built to empower content creators to publish engaging digital experiences quickly and with ease. Our modern CMS can be used as-is or built upon to meet your exact needs.
Before Brightspot CMS
✖️ Dependent on an agency for simple publishing tasks

✖️ Rigid, elementary publishing processes

✖️ Extensive plug-in configuration

✖️ Basic workflow functionality

✖️ Dependent on partners for services
Building on Brightspot
  • Intuitive user interface for any skill-set to publish content
  • Capabilities to support high volume publishing
  • Ready-to-use features and functionality on day one
  • Fully customizable workflows to support your unique processes
  • Access to in-house and partner professional and managed service teams

Why Brightspot?

  • 100+ ready-to-use modular content types and templates
  • Dynamic front-end design system
  • All-encompassing toolkit for authoring, editing and working together
  • Flexible, personalized content types
  • Extensible hybrid architecture
  • Configurable user experience
  • API-first approach
Designers using conversation function

Content writer with CMS features

  • Robust documentation, interactive Developer Portal and GitHub community
  • Intuitive, simplified publishing
  • Scalable multisite, localization and architecture flexibility
  • Expert in-house and partner migration and implementation teams
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team
  • Committed partner to your growth
Brightspot's suite of ready-to-launch and custom integrations make it easy to connect your essential tools into one content hub.
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