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The role of content management in building brand resilience

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Content governance matters to you more than you probably know. As digital content expands and customer demands change, organizations are forced to learn and adapt new structures of content management to effectively maintain their brand resilience.

The digital world moves quickly, and when organizations can’t keep up, they risk being left behind by the competition and being forgotten by their customers. Those that want to remain relevant must build resilient brands that can withstand external pressures during challenging times.

Creating, publishing and distributing the right content at the right times is crucial for building brand resilience—but with manual content processes and traditional content approaches, it’s almost impossible to continually stay on top of content needs and provide timely, personalized content to meet those needs. However, a robust and automated content management strategy, like that enabled by Brightspot, can help you build brand resilience. Let's go over how you can accomplish this.

Establish content governance

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
August 19, 2021
Content governance involves defining specific guidelines, processes, roles, and responsibilities for a company’s entire content operation. Why does it matter? A strong content governance practice opens up an editorial team’s time and brain space to focus on what matters—telling impactful, timely stories that resonate with your audience.
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Rather than publishing content with a haphazard approach, resilient brands create and publish content based on specific guidelines, processes, roles and responsibilities. That overarching approach to managing your content operation is known as content governance, and it allows teams to help build and maintain brand consistency. That consistency is vital to promoting a positive image, increasing visibility, reinforcing brand narratives and strengthening engagement.

The right content management system (CMS) can provide a single framework and source of truth for all content team members to follow. For example, Brightspot’s platform offers key capabilities, such as the Assignment Desk for editorial team management and the Media Desk for tracking the usage of digital assets. The platform prioritizes speed to keep pace with business changes, supports third-party integrations and workflows and streamlines roles and responsibilities across your sites.

It also helps with content organization by structuring content for easy access, personalization and reuse and by optimizing multichannel distribution for wider reach. With content governance structures in place, brands like yours can ensure consistent messaging and adapt quickly to market changes.

Boost content efficiencies

When an organization is using multiple content management systems, it’s difficult to accomplish a nimble approach to producing and publishing content. Various team members are likely to duplicate efforts and miss out on using effective content that may be available in different systems.

With a consolidated, headless CMS like Brightspot, on-site or remote content teams can work independently of developers, increasing efficiencies and avoiding duplication. In addition, users can leverage AI tools to automate some workflows. When new content is needed, it’s easy to pull together existing photos, videos, blog posts and other content; make updates; and distribute to the right audiences. Increased efficiency means rapidly responding to the needs of your market and keeping your brand in front of relevant audiences.

Harness data analytics

Building a resilient brand requires measuring the effectiveness of your content. As market needs and customer demands change, brands need to keep up with how those changes are affecting their content effectiveness.

For example, as technology devices change, some audiences may be unable to consume your content in the ways in which they’re accustomed. As social media algorithms or search optimizations change, your content may become more or less visible to specific audiences. It’s important to understand any changes and make decisions based on that data to continue building brand resilience.

That’s why modern content management systems like Brightspot incorporate tools to make it easier for brands to quickly grasp the effectiveness of their content and use that data to guide content creation and publishing decisions. For example, Brightspot’s off-the-shelf analytics tools include a site-level analytics dashboard, search metrics and asset-level metrics to view the performance of each individual content asset.

Manage content debt

Every piece of digital content that is not demonstrating value for your organization is content debt. And as digital properties age and grow, content debt is becoming a bigger challenge—slowing down teams hunting for assets or recreating assets that already exist, leading to slower load times, broken links and confusing or outdated content.

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
June 01, 2023
Stop playing whack-a-mole with outdated articles and buried content assets that are slowing your organization down. The right content management system can help you prevent—and clean up—content debt.

A modern CMS can help you clean up content debt through built-in analytics, bulk editing and seamless integrations with third-party tools. But it can also help you prevent future content debt, keeping content fresh with features like clear workflows, multisite publishing, scheduled expiration and embedded digital asset management.

Customer demands may shift and market forces may change, but with focused, consistent, relevant content, you can build brand resilience despite the transitions. And a powerful modern CMS is crucial for doing that.

Learn more about Brightspot features that can help build brand resilience:


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