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Why strong content governance is essential for a brand's success

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Digital content governance is the system or set of guidelines for how content gets created and published. From the chief product officer to the managing editor, digital and editorial leads alike can benefit from strong content governance through a unified CMS.

Everything today is on fast-forward—from how we binge-watch TV, to how we work in this new remote world—with next to zero breathing room in between.

This rapid lifestyle has direct implications for digital and editorial teams who are tasked with providing audiences of all kinds accurate information—in creative ways and on new platforms. This isn’t a light lift or a small task, and the consequences of making a mistake can be grave for the brand.

That’s why content governance shouldn’t be looked over, and it isn’t as mundane as some people think. A strong content governance practice opens up the team’s time and brain space to focus on what matters—telling impactful, timely stories that resonate with your audience.

Let’s dive deeper.

Content governance at-a-glance

What is content governance? 

Content governance involves defining specific guidelines, processes, roles, and responsibilities for a company’s entire content operation.

This includes assigning ownership and creating a framework to enable smooth decision-making that ultimately allows the team to establish publishing guidelines, author permissions and editorial style guides to keep everyone aligned. When this infrastructure is in place, tasks like updating workflows or introducing new content types are quicker and easier for everyone.

Why is content governance important?

From maintaining brand consistency to enabling more seamless workflows, content governance has many advantages for both digital and editorial teams, who know that brand consistency is the number one priority in order to promote a positive image, increase visibility and exposure, reinforce brand narratives, and strengthen engagement.

Having the speed and flexibility from a solid content governance model allows everyone to quickly launch, test and update new digital experiences in order to deliver value faster. And when solutions and processes can accommodate shifting business requirements, such as updating a workflow, launching an international site or supporting new content types, it allows the team to focus on creative, innovative thinking versus the logistics that tend to overtake time and resources.

How Brightspot makes content governance easy

When you have multiple content management systems in place, this leads to various different workflows and ways of doing things, resulting in a slightly different user experience across separate CMS systems even when branding guidelines have been met.

A unified CMS is key for success. With Brightspot, content governance through a unified CMS gives one single framework and source of truth for digital and editorial teams to follow.

The platform prioritizes speed to keep pace with business changes, supports third-party integrations and workflows, and streamlines roles and responsibilities across an organization’s sites. Other key capabilities include:

  • Assignment Desk: Editorial teams can collect the best stories, assign them to content creators and track progress all from one place. These defined roles and processes mean greater efficiency across the team, and the ability to quickly scale operations as content businesses grow. Should the editorial team identify something in their workflow that needs to be updated in order to strengthen engagement, these changes can easily be identified and made. 
  • Media Desk: This helps with content governance by tracking the usage of certain digital assets, and ensures gated access to critical brand assets.

With the right technology in place and with the team aligned on roles and responsibilities, you’ll operate with the agility, flexibility and speed needed for today’s fast-paced environment—and all with greater ease and confidence knowing that you have a strong content governance operation in place.

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