RFP template for content management system (CMS)

Streamline your CMS evaluation process with our free RFP template.

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Evaluate CMS vendors like a pro and make informed business decisions with our customizable RFP template.

Don't waste time sifting through endless CMS vendor options, only to end up with more questions than answers. Our RFP template is tailored to help you evaluate your business needs so you can find the right content management solution for you. We've designed this template so that you can be confident that you're selecting a content platform that aligns with your digital strategy. Inside, you'll find all the critical questions to ask vendors during the RFP process, saving you time and resources.

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Headless CMS solutions are a subset of decoupled CMS architecture. With a headless CMS platform, there is no fixed front end—instead, the solution acts as a content-only data source. Learn more about headless CMS here.
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A carefully considered RFP solicitation will attract the right CMS vendors and avert major headaches.