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Creating and managing API endpoints with Brightspot's editorial UI

In today's digital landscape, having a streamlined process for creating and managing API endpoints is essential for businesses. Administrators are often responsible for overseeing this web of connections that power modern applications, playing a vital role in ensuring a smooth flow of data and functionality; however, the technical complexities associated with APIs can often pose challenges.

In this tutorial, you will create a restricted GraphQL endpoint inside of Brightspot, and then gradually expand its access. Though you will be working with a GraphQL delivery API endpoint, the princip...

With Brightspot, even non-developers can create and manage API endpoints easily using an intuitive editorial interface and no code whatsoever.

In this post's corresponding tutorial, you will learn how to create an endpoint, as well as how to adjust the endpoint according to a real-life use cases your company might have. You'll also be validating that it is configured correctly each step of the way.

This is useful information to learn, as companies often want endpoints that are initially very restricted; however, as business requirements change, the endpoint may need to have its access expanded, but still at times might need permission-based restrictions. Or maybe the company wants the endpoint to be accessible by anyone. This tutorial highlights the steps to accomplish each of these objectives.

At the end of the tutorial, you'll learn how to view analytics on the endpoint, which will be helpful when it comes time for reporting.

Endpoint analytics.png

When all is complete, you'll be a pro at configuring endpoints using Brightspot's intuitive UI, and in better shape to start configuring your own.

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