Why is everyone talking about headless commerce?

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There's been a lot of buzz lately around headless commerce.

Glossy recently discussed how headless commerce gives retailers the "agility to test new experiences with their users without any constraints," while this deep dive explored its benefits, noting that headless commerce increases flexibility, enhances user experiences, makes integrations seamless and improves optimization.

So, what is headless commerce, and why is everyone talking about it?

Let's start by defining a headless CMS. Designed for speed with wholly separate front and back ends, a headless CMS makes it possible to develop and deliver content with ultimate flexibility.

For commerce brands, headless capabilities offer a few key benefits:

  1. Brand consistency: First and foremost, e-commerce brands operate across a growing number of channels today, not just web and mobile. Hosting a consistent brand experience across all of those endpoints is key to building and maintaining a strong customer base, and reinforcing your brand’s main messages. A headless solution allows you to maintain control of your customer journey across channels through tools like modular content types.
  2. Speed to market: E-commerce is growing and moving at the speed of light. According to eMarketer, worldwide e-commerce is expected to approach $5 trillion this year. With headless, developers can build front-end experiences without being dependent on the back-end system where the content resides, making launches faster as well as future iterations easier to maintain and modify.
  3. Integrations for a full view of the customer journey: Headless solutions mean commerce brands can integrate their CMS with tools like CDPs and inventory management systems for a complete picture of their customers. Teams no longer need to context switch between multiple different systems and disparate pieces of information in order to see a full view of the customer and understand what content will resonate with them.

Fortunately, all of the above benefits no longer have to feel too good to be true or out of reach for e-commerce brands. No matter if you’re just getting started—or a well-oiled commerce business—Brightspot CMS has the power to transform your online customer experiences and move your business forward.

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Brightspot Headless CMS
Looking to learn more about headless CMS, and whether or not it's the right choice for your organization? Start here for all the resources and information you need to learn about the ins and outs of headless CMS.

To champion brand consistency, Brightspot's headless CMS capabilities mean your commerce business can author its own modular content types that transform seamlessly across your channels and endpoints. Your brand’s content teams can also create, edit, publish and syndicate modular content across devices and channels easily and efficiently.

The best part? You don’t have to choose between headless and another approach—go headless, use a head or do both. With Brightspot CMS powering your back-end experience, you can manage content strategically using multiple heads to connect to various channels, even endpoints you've not even conceived of yet.

Start fast—and stay flexible—with Brightspot

When it comes to speed to market, Brightspot enables brands to launch enterprise-quality digital content experiences at scale in days or weeks, not months or years. Backed by an intuitive and flexible CMS experience, decoupled solutions accelerate the digital transformation of business across the spectrum—from e-commerce to B2B marketing to media—with ready-made themes, templates and even starter content specific to respective use cases. For a more developer-centric head start, a headless-only starter option empowers teams to begin discovering, developing and innovating from day one.

Further, Brightspot's publisher-informed CMS tools and UI affords exceptional control over your brand’s content and workflows. Whether headless or decoupled on the front end, site owners can create workflows, roles and permissions editorially in the CMS based on the process that works best for them. Version history for all content types with a user interface that highlights the changes made means the editing process for content surrounding a new brand launch or product release doesn’t have to be stalled.

And while Brightspot's pre-built solutions enable incredible go-to-market speed, businesses without immediate developer resources can choose to extend to headless configurations any time in the future should they need. In short, don't let the system you choose today be an impediment to where it might go in the future.

With Brightspot, whether headless from the outset or through the go-to-market speed of a decoupled solution, businesses can seamlessly connect critical data and services directly into their workflows with a number pre-configured third-party integrations.

For e-commerce , this could mean integrating your inventory management and PoP directly into your website, or managing leads via pre-configured lead-generation integrations. Pre-built integrations with email service providers also mean you can reach your customers via newsletters and email campaigns quickly and easily, and power newsletter curation and distribution.

With e-commerce operations growing rapidly—and not showing any signs of slowing down—brands looking to optimize their processes and reach customers in the moment are increasingly seeing the benefits a headless CMS approach could provide.

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