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Empowering internal engagement: 3 dynamic intranet solutions powered through Brightspot

Explore these real-world examples, from global healthcare leaders to top-ranked universities, leveraging Brightspot's CMS to foster engagement and purpose among employees. Elevate your internal communications and employee connections with a contemporary and dynamic intranet platform.

In the age of hybrid work models, organizations are revamping their structures and communication strategies to effectively engage employees, whether they are fully remote, on-site, or a blend of both. Successful communication hinges on maintaining a balance between flexibility and consistency, ensuring that messages are timely, accurate, engaging and comprehensive. Equally important is the accessibility of information and the credibility of its source, whether it originates from a centralized HR team, top executives or individual managers. This is where company intranets, such as those offered by Brightspot, come into play.

CMS use cases
Communicate effectively with your most important audience—your employees—using the same set of tools on which publishers rely to build trust with their readers.

Intranets serve a more profound purpose than just disseminating information; they cultivate connections through personalized narratives and content generated by users. They simplify task management by integrating tools and serve as dynamic communication hubs catering to various organizational levels. Frequently, they serve as the initial touchpoint for new hires, necessitating clear and consistent corporate messaging, as well as efficient and smooth onboarding and offboarding processes for departing employees.

As the work landscape continues to evolve, organizations must elevate their intranet capabilities to nurture a connected and engaged workforce capable of adapting to shifting work dynamics. To provide a framework for the requirements of a contemporary and dynamic intranet platform, here are three instances of Brightspot clients who have reaped the benefits of a CMS that fulfills these demands.

example of an intranet being used for internal communications

Fostering global employee engagement with executive leadership communications for a leading healthcare company

When the Chairman and CEO of one of the world's largest healthcare companies wants to connect with his 145,000+ employees around the world, he turns to his Brightspot-powered blog to reach them. Designed with the same premium experience as the company's corporate website, the blog allows him to communicate company strategy and business moves, highlight employee contributions, and interact with employees through UGC features and blog post commenting.

As a result, the blog enjoys engagement and usage metrics that most publishers can only dream of. In addition to the blog, the executive communications team also publishes several playbooks for its executive committee members. These provide communicators across the company to access official bios and headshots, and even to schedule executive participation in various events.

example of an intranet being used for profile management at an educational institution

Elevating internal communication for student and faculty at a top-ranked U.S. university

Educational institutions rely on robust and user-friendly content platforms to effectively communicate with their students and faculty members on a daily basis. These platforms play a crucial role in delivering updates related to courses, curricula, student profiles and campus news, including events and developments. A top-ranked university in the United States, has been utilizing Brightspot since 2019 to address the internal communication requirements of its expansive 35,000-plus student body.

The university's use of Brightspot as an internal communications platform encompasses various functions, such as providing students with access to their profiles for a wide range of purposes—from accessing onboarding materials to retrieving information about courses, classes, transcripts, and even dining and residence plans. Beyond facilitating essential communication needs, this platform serves as a pivotal space where the university's IT administrators effectively manage the dynamic roster of student users and faculty. This includes overseeing their respective permissions, roles, and access rights, which are subject to frequent changes.

example of an intranet homepage

Building a culture of purpose and unity for the employees of a large philanthropic organization

An organization's culture reflects the individuals who carry out its daily tasks and functions. In today's landscape, we understand that employees in various industries are driven by factors beyond mere compensation, job titles or a list of duties; they seek purpose in their day-to-day work. To attract and retain top-tier employees, successful companies must consistently align their actions with their values, whether directed at external audiences or in the way they inform, inspire and involve their internal teams.

In one illustrative case, a sizeable philanthropic organization today employs Brightspot to spotlight the direct impact of its endeavors on a crucial audience: its 150 employees. Recognizing the value of its new content platform for showcasing its grants that support local community initiatives and environmental projects, the organization extended the reach of its storytelling approach to its internal intranet using the same CMS. The outcome was remarkable: an open and transparent communication tool that nurtured a sense of unity and shared culture among employees entrusted with fulfilling the organization's philanthropic mission.


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