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Adobe Experience Manager

With the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) plugin, you can synchronize content between Brightspot and AEM.
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Don't let a legacy CMS stand in the way of your digital transformation. Brightspot works with customers’ existing logic and can be deployed to augment existing AEM, Wordpress and other legacy CMS solutions.

Adobe Experience Manager is a major player in the CMS space. It works well for some customers, but the total cost of implementation and time to deployment can be limiting in certain use cases. Therefore, Brightspot has stepped in to help Adobe customers make the most of their existing AEM investment through the use of our product as a second CMS.

In the case of one Brightspot customer in the nonprofit industry, they produce their site using AEM, but were encountering challenges in generating their sitemap.xml and feeds necessary for syndication. As a solution, Brightspot set up a one-way content sync from AEM to Brightspot, which the customer leverages to easily send content to Apple News and serve Accelerated Mobile Pages articles for Google search.

Instead of requiring businesses to completely rethink the ways they’re currently working, Brightspot works with customers’ existing logic.

Brightspot offers a powerful integration-ready solution for the complexity and technology constraints faced by businesses that are dependent on Adobe Experience Manager.

The synchronization between Brightspot and AEM is bi-directional: items you create or modify in Brightspot are exported to AEM, and items you create or modify in AEM are imported into Brightspot.

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Brightspot was designed to fit into your publishing process, freeing content creators to quickly distribute content to every channel without the need for IT. Your development team gets to focus on innovations; creators get to create.
Don't let a legacy CMS stand in the way of your digital transformation. Brightspot works with customers’ existing logic and can be deployed to complement existing AEM, Wordpress and other legacy CMS solutions.
Mexico’s TV Azteca, the country’s second-largest media company behind Televisa and one of the top producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world, relaunched six sites and six headless apps on Brightspot.

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