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No more half measures: How Brightspot can complete your tech jigsaw

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Brightspot can easily and rapidly become the missing piece of the puzzle in your tech stack

The most efficiently run businesses have tech stacks with systems that are seamlessly integrated into one another and meet all of your needs; however, as a digital lead, you know that’s not always easy to accomplish. You likely have a number of systems that do their specific job well enough, but they don’t solve all of your problems.

When you can’t solve all of your problems, you can’t achieve the success that you desire. As goals and requirements change, new gaps might emerge, compounding the issues you were already running into.

To meet the need, you’ve likely discussed additional solutions with other software companies to figure out how to fill the gaps, but these other solutions weren’t built to be shapeshifters. Instead, with them, you might need to replatform completely, and that’s just not on the table right now—you’re too deeply connected with existing systems, and moving away from them would be too costly and logistically painful.

But have you talked to a CMS that was built to be so highly extensible that it can exist in your tech stack solely to connect the dots and solve the very specific gaps that you have? If not, Brightspot CMS is here to help.

How Brightspot can help

A lot of companies out there will center your conversations with them around their solution. The conversation will evolve to see if your problems match the solution. It’s the opposite with Brightspot—we focus first and foremost on the problems you are facing, and then we plan out together how Brightspot can solve those specific problems.

When you talk to us, one of the first things we’ll tell you is that Brightspot is integration-ready. We built the Brightspot from the ground up to be highly integratable. If it has an API, we can integrate with it. Hard stop.

We also have an incredibly flexible architecture that enables you to rapidly change data models and business logic to meet your ever-changing needs. If something doesn’t yet exist in Brightspot, but you need it to—no problem.

That means if you already have a CMS with a rich text editor, but you’re lacking powerful workflow capabilities to help teams work better together—Brightspot can do that for you. If you have a number of excellent websites, but no easy way to curate them in a single location—Brightspot can do that for you. If you have a huge repository of assets, but no way to easily manage them efficiently—again, Brightspot can help.

A recent use case

In a recent project, a potential customer had content creators that needed to localize content for the geographic area in which they operated. They needed to meet specific content needs in a quicker and more tailored manner. Together with Brightspot, this potential customer decided that the best way to do this was by using a Content Card content type.

At that time, the Content Card did not exist in Brightspot as a content type—but that wasn’t an issue because due to our extensible architecture and data modeling flexibility, we rapidly created that content type so the potential customer could deliver channel-agnostic messages, charts, graphs, and more.

Not only that, but we enabled the client to create Content Cards not only directly within Brightspot, but also through document upload via Word document import or through Veeva or AEM integrations, giving the potential customer's teams more flexibility to work with existing systems and not forcing them to replace infrastructure in order to enjoy the solution.

The Content Card content type was to store primary and alternative product data fields like teasers, copy, charts and other kinds of data that Brightspot engineered to follow unique workflows to obtain copy approvals from different content process collaborators.

Since the potential customer's audience was located around the world, Brightspot enabled the client to initiate translations directly from within the Content Card using Brightspot’s multiple translation integrations.

Because we worked hard to understand the potential customer's pain points, we were able to build a proof of concept in just a matter of days. At no point did they need to completely replatform onto Brightspot. They didn’t have digital asset management issues or a need for OTT, so that’s not what the conversations we had were about. Instead, they had the specific needs above, and because Brightspot is highly flexible and integration-ready, we could neatly become the missing puzzle piece in their tech stack.

What problems do you need to solve?

What specific problems are you dealing with right now, and how might Brightspot be able to help? Brightspot caters to a number of use cases, such as:

But just because we’ve crafted these use cases doesn’t mean we can’t mix and match capabilities to be the missing puzzle piece in your tech stack.

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