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The dynamic pages feature gives you the ability to publish content once and have it appear multiple places on your site.
No need to contact IT. With Brightspot, you can update your website’s navigation, making your publishing experience more customized.
Screenshot of Brightspot CMS interface
Time-saving tips for creating content in Brightspot
Thanks to live page preview, contextual search and RTE enhancements, creating articles in Brightspot is easier and quicker than ever.
Brightspot's integration with AWS allows publishers to create, edit, search, tag and distribute video content within one consistent workflow and UI.
Customize Brightspot's UI to match your branding and brand color palette, plus see how you can publish from any device.
Tired of having to publish time-sensitive content at just the right time—often after-hours and on weekends? Brightspot’s schedule publish feature eliminates that hassle.
Brightspot comes with a set of granular permission sets that can be configured directly in the system, giving developers and admins greater control over who has access to what.
Sick of your clunky content management system? Brightspot was purposefully built to put agility, speed, and sanity back into the lives of content producers. With best-in-class editorial tools and robust admin features, the lightweight foundation enables content teams to quickly embrace new publishing tools and trends. Get your very first glimpse of the Brightspot dashboard and learn some of the ways it can make your life easier.

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