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How Brightspot is built to save you time and money from day one

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that most business leaders would count “saving time” and “saving money” as some of their top priorities. While overarching strategy and higher-level organizational goals are of course drivers of many business decisions, a lot comes down to these two factors—in fact, a recent PwC survey found that over a third of CEOs plan to focus on initiatives to realize cost efficiencies over the next three years.

A content management system can be a major conduit to accomplishing time and cost savings. With Brightspot, brands can launch a fully functional digital experience at astonishing speed with significant cost savings.

Let’s explore how Brightspot is built to save businesses time and money from day one.

Designed for speed-to-market

From a new site to a single content feature, brands today need to be able to launch and publish quickly. Consumers expect a steady stream of content that is also targeted.

One of the most important ways that content teams can speed up processes is by reducing dependencies on developers and other IT experts. Brightspot has pre-built components and integrations that make it easier to get going without waiting on technical teams or using up those teams’ time.

Brightspot also has an enterprise-class, no-developer-needed theme engine—a more powerful version of the themes solutions many competitors offer. Brightspot's themes afford you over 10,000 design and presentation options, such as colors, styles and fonts. This means there’s nearly unlimited flexibility in the page layouts and site designs you’re able to create.

In the end, businesses have almost total flexibility to create, design and launch a highly-customized web experience without needing a development or IT team at all. While it may sound too good to be true, with Brightspot it’s possible.

Time savings ROI

With Brightspot, it’s possible to save two to six months of time designing, developing and testing the front-end web experience. Organizations have lofty content goals and digital transformation plans, and the technology they choose should help them start solving tomorrow's challenges today.

Brightspot enables you to launch enterprise-class digital experiences in weeks—even days—rather than months. This saves you time-to-value and makes it faster to get your content in front of customers, prospects, employees and other key audiences. There’s a much faster return on your content investment since you can get the benefits faster without wasting time or resources. At the farther end of the ROI equation, why wait to start next year's projects when a solution like Brightspot can turbocharge your digital transformation as soon as you go from trial to signed-up account?

As we’ve been saying, it’s possible to use Brightspot without developers at all. Even the third-party data and services integrations are simple to use by any team member. For those that do have a developer team, that team can also save time and focus on other key strategic priorities.

Cost savings ROI

One of the biggest challenges that companies face with any technology initiative is finding powerful solutions that fit within their budgets.

Brightspot is offered at a price point that provides excellent ROI and fits different budgets for companies of all different sizes. Beyond that, reduced IT and development work also plays a role here, as it’s one of the easiest ways to trim CMS budget and refocus those resources elsewhere.

Even a relatively simple web experience will take one to two months to launch, and will be at least a $30,000 investment for a simple site build-out. This may be a direct expense based on hiring an outside expert, or lost opportunity costs in terms of what an on-staff developer could have been working on instead to create value elsewhere in the organization.

With the typical web project requiring a team of developers, product managers and designers, that initial $30,000 expense multiples.

Using the Brightspot theme platform, organizations save right off the bat—from $100,000 to $150,000 in direct or opportunity cost. It’s as simple as the content organization starting to use our enterprise-grade publishing platform from day one, no expensive development expertise or customization required.

Even if an organization does have developer resources, the time and cost savings realized by leveraging Brightspot as your out-of-the-box CMS solution are still compelling.

For instance, many use Brightspot as a headless CMS for ultimate front-end flexibility. Since Brightspot’s headless offering is powered by GraphQL, it saves your teams the time and expense required to learn proprietary APIs or platform-specific SDKs from other CMS providers. Initially developed by Facebook, GraphQL is now open source and managed by the Linux foundation, allowing your developers to learn it and become extremely familiar with it long before beginning a relationship with Brightspot. When you do, your teams can hit the ground running on day one, and not have to re-learn or re-implement.

Time is money—more and more, companies need to build and launch digital experiences faster than ever without disrupting their current business. Shorter time-to-value leads to a quicker ROI and helps keep costs in check.

Seamless integrations

Finally, Brightspot helps deliver immediate time and cost savings through a suite of powerful integrations that empower teams to build out their content platform however it fits them best.

Brands using Brightspot for commerce, for example, may benefit from integrations with various point-of-payment and inventory management tools. Other organizations who rely on newsletter distribution have access to integrations with email service providers like Mailchimp.

Aside from integrations, Brightspot also comes with pre-built content types, making it easy to create well-formatted content that's powered by experience working with some of the world's biggest and best-known media brands. A media organization can benefit instantly from pre-built playlist and podcast content types, while a company using the CMS for a corporate intranet could utilize its user authentication, event promotion and community features.

At the end of the day, Brightspot offers flexibility no matter what type of organization you are—and makes achieving it easy without major IT support. This sweet spot is what sets it apart for many customers.

Companies all over the world are still searching for high quality but affordable alternatives to legacy and home-grown CMS platforms. This is especially necessary given current content digital consumption and expectations for brands, publishers, company workforces and beyond.

Brightspot includes the same core functionality powering our enterprise business and hundreds of other sites for some of the world’s largest and most beloved brands. Coupled with it’s out-of-the box features, such as themes and easy integrations, discover for yourself how Brightspot helps organizations save time and money from the first day of launch.


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