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The role of AI in content governance: Automating compliance and quality checks

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AI isn't as bad as you think it might be. Here, we define what AI is, how it may be affecting you and five content governance tasks that AI can help you and your organization with.

Depending on who you ask, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the best thing to happen to content creation—or the worst. Like any other new, disruptive technology, your experience with AI all depends on what you make of it and how well you can harness it to its full potential.

The truth is the best content management systems, including Brightspot, have been using some form of AI for years. In fact, if your content development includes any sort of automation or analytics, you’ve already benefited from AI.

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
July 05, 2023
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What is AI?

McKinsey defines AI as “a machine’s ability to perform the cognitive functions we usually look associate with human minds.” Up until recent years, humans were responsible for all aspects of content creation, from ideation to copywriting, to image selection to optimizing it for searchability. Today, AI can do all of those tasks—and more. So the real question is: which aspects of your content generation should you outsource to AI?

Even if you’re not comfortable using AI for actual content writing (and to be frank, it still can’t incorporate the human element of storytelling very well), integrating AI tools into your CMS can help automate other content-related tasks.

To give you a feel for how AI is being used by content creators, here are five content governance tasks that AI can help you with:

1. Plagiarism detection

If you are assigning out or purchasing large volumes of content, you still want it to maintain your brand’s authentic voice, and you definitely don’t want to be accused of stealing someone else's work or intellectual property. AI plagiarism checkers can help ensure that your content is original.

2. SEO optimization

AI tools can be a huge help to your SEO efforts since they can instantly identify opportunities to improve your search ranking. Running your content through an AI tool can aid with keyword research, common search queries and meta description writing.

AI can help you create SEO content briefs from scratch based on an analysis of Google user data and competitor content. Additionally, these tools can assist in auditing older content and refresh it with SEO-friendly titles, headings and keywords.

3. Accessibility checks

Another important way AI can improve your content is by making sure it’s accessible to all. Considering that three-quarters of Americans with disabilities report using the internet on a daily basis, brands need to do all they can to reach this large population.

AI tools can assist with scanning your site and adding accessible enhancement such as assigning alt text to all images in your CMS, which offers a text description of the image that can be read aloud by a screen reader for the visually impaired. It can make suggestions as to where you might benefit from adding speech recognition, facial recognition, or text processing capabilities. For example, Brightspot integrates Amazon Transcribe within its CMS, which can add speech-to-text functionality.

4. Translation

Content teams that want to reach global audiences or dual-language populations may not have on-site translators or offices abroad to handle such language barriers. AI tools are getting better at being able to automatically translate text and audio recordings from one language to another.

5. Content monitoring

It’s important to be responsible and not share any inappropriate content. However, for sites that have a social media component and allow user-generated content or have forums or comment sections, it can become challenging to catch everything. AI tools like Amazon Rekognition, which is another Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool made available in Brightspot’s CMS, can analyze text, image and video to make it easy to flag anything that goes against your site standards.

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Smarten up your content with AI

AI is not the enemy of content. In fact, when used purposefully, it can help your content shine, attract more visitors to your site and make your message accessible to a broader audience. Not to mention, it can free you and your team up for creative work rather than technical and administrative tasks.

The more you can automate in the back-end of your CMS using AI tools, the more time you can spend on higher-level content strategy.

Want to learn more about how to leverage AI to power your content? Brightspot has you covered:


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