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Making the move off WordPress: 3 brands enjoying the best CMS alternative to WordPress

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Upgrade your content game with Brightspot, the WordPress CMS alternative you've been looking for.

Content management systems (CMS) are a valuable tool for marketing and publishing teams when it comes to spreading a consistent, on-point message across multiple channels. And when it means choosing from the numerous CMS options, WordPress is one of the most popular choices in the world. But popularity doesn’t mean it’s a suitable option for every company. When a company needs a CMS with enhanced flexibility, more customization options and great agility, it’s time to seek alternatives.

This search for an alternative to WordPress led three global brands to Brightspot’s doorstep. It’s a big step to change a CMS, but each of these brands highlights how a WordPress alternative can create a solution resulting in better functionality for the company—and better storytelling for the brand.

Learn how FedEx, Marriott International and DispatchHealth amplified their brand narratives and reach by switching from WordPress to Brightspot CMS.

Transforming publishing efficiency: Brightspot's nimble CMS revolutionizes FedEx's content workflow

Brightspot CMS customer case study: FedEx

FedEx is known for its logistical prowess, but it was falling short in its ability to support its internal marketing, editorial and PR teams.

The challenge: FedEx operates globally, which means its content must be published in various languages, across different time zones and in the most efficient manner possible.

WordPress proved to be too clunky and slow for the FedEx publishing cadence. The challenge was to create a streamlined system that could handle the intense speed and multi-language operations, while also solving the additional challenge of repurposing content and ensuring critical notifications to keep the publishing process moving forward.

The solution: Brightspot built a nimble CMS for FedEx, complete with user-friendly templates and pre-built content types. A FedEx newsroom was created so that contributors could easily tag and distribute content to the right audience without waiting on other systems to move the messaging along the distribution process.

The result: In less than 30 days, the FedEx newsroom was launched, improving the speed-to-market for information. It allows for publishing in multiple languages at the touch of a button while adhering to the FedEx brand guidelines. The Brightspot CMS streamlined the entire publishing process for all the content teams while giving them autonomy from internal teams.

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From words to multimedia: Marriott International amplifies brand narratives when moving off WordPress to Brightspot CMS

Marriott International: Brightspot CMS case study promo graphic

Storytelling across 30 brands and over 8,000 properties is no small feat, especially when each brand has a unique voice and audience.

The challenge: Marriott International needed a site where each brand's voice could be heard through text, audio and video. Unfortunately, the WordPress CMS was unable to accommodate these different mediums. Additionally, Marriott International required a corporate newsroom to easily publish announcements and information for global audiences.

The solution: Brightspot built a CMS for Marriott International, equipped with pre-built templates and modules. It ensured that all content was accessible across various mediums, from online to mobile and everything in between. The Brightspot CMS also included multiple themes, offering countless options for content appearance, allowing each brand to quickly publish unique content and engage their specific audience.

The result: In less than four months, the Brightspot CMS enabled Marriott International to showcase their lifestyle brand in previously unattainable ways. Content is now published quickly and easily, complete with video and sound, providing the audience with a comprehensive corporate story experience.

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Optimizing online visibility: DispatchHealth's CMS upgrade from Wordpress leads to 40% increase in reach

DispatchHealth Brightspot promo

DispatchHealth offers hospital-level care in the comfort of your own home. However, this message wasn't reaching the multiple cities it serves across the country effectively.

The challenge: Updating information in the ever-changing healthcare world took too long, and DispatchHealth's CMS wasn't updating in a timely manner. Additionally, the company had already implemented its own search engine optimization strategy and achieved keyword visibility, and it didn't want to lose the online visibility it had gained when switching to a new CMS.

The solution: Two months later, a new architecture was implemented, providing the content marketing team with a more efficient way to update the company's message while preserving the previous SEO optimization efforts. By utilizing shared modules, DispatchHealth could create one piece of content and automatically customize it for the city where the message needed to be focused.

The result: The clinical home-care service can now concentrate on delivering top-notch patient care instead of working with a different web designer for each city's site updates. The content engine is updated efficiently, allowing DispatchHealth to effectively spread specific messages to its diverse customer base. The SEO remained intact, and after implementing the new CMS, the marketing team witnessed a 40% uplift in reach.

Read the DispatchHealth case study

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