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7 key questions to ask when evaluating an enterprise content management solution

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An enterprise content management system (CMS) is an essential solution for any large business, providing cutting-edge tools to deliver an exceptional digital experience. But how can you find an enterprise content management solution that will meet your current and future needs? It starts with a few good questions. Here are seven questions to ask when evaluating your enterprise CMS.

How will the enterprise CMS integrate with your other business software?

The best enterprise CMS works not just as a standalone solution but also as a complement to the solutions you already have in place (e.g., customer relationship management system, enterprise resource planning system, etc.). Your enterprise CMS should enable easy integration with your existing content, digital assets, data, analytics and other systems to unify your digital ecosystem—or to augment those systems without requiring a complete overhaul. By integrating with your current software, you can increase the usability of your platform and boost your overall return on investment (ROI).

How user-friendly is the enterprise content management solution?

Your enterprise CMS should be easy for all team members to use, enabling your company to streamline operations and boost collaboration and productivity. Look for a system that's intuitive and logical, which will help your teams embrace the new solution. And be sure to find out how much training is required before your employees can get up and running and whether that level of time and effort aligns with your team's capabilities and your business goals. Usability should also extend to accessibility, meaning the CMS is accessible to all users whether in an office or remote, on a desktop or mobile device.

Will your enterprise CMS architecture adapt as your business needs change?

The best enterprise content management solution will evolve as your business needs and content requirements (and models) change. Don't get stuck on a platform that prescribes the solution without being extensible enough to support the needs of your business now and in the future. When it comes to CMS architecture, businesses have various options, but it shouldn't be a binary choice. First, consider the content problems your business is trying to solve, and then select the enterprise content management system that offers the flexibility and extensibility needed.

Digital content demands are increasing at an unparalleled clip. Businesses need content solutions to keep pace, but the right CMS is not a panacea—it’s one part of the solution. You need the right content strategy aligned with the right people, processes and technology to deliver truly great experiences for your customers.

How does the content management solution address enterprise-specific needs?

As you evaluate your enterprise content management solution, consider whether it has the features and capabilities to grow with your business. Your enterprise CMS should be future-proof, with the scalability needed to handle increases in users, data, traffic, content and more. In addition, the best enterprise content management system will appeal to team members across your organization, with diverse features that address the needs of everyone from IT staff and developers to content managers and marketers.

What kind of enterprise-level experience and expertise does the provider have?

As an enterprise-level organization, you need an experienced content management partner that can help you solve new business challenges as you grow. Make sure the provider has plenty of experience working with clients of your size and in your industry, with strong testimonials and a proven ROI to show for it. Before you sign the service-level agreement (SLA), determine where your use case falls on the scale of the provider's other customers to ensure that they have the experience your enterprise needs to drive growth and success.

What security capabilities does the enterprise content management solution have

It is crucial to select an enterprise content management solution partner with a thorough comprehension of the security controls within the CMS to safeguard against internal and external threats. The leading enterprise CMS provider will abide by documented security and business continuity policies and procedures and fulfill third-party standards such as SOC 2 certification, which necessitates a comprehensive audit. Additionally, your enterprise content management solution should fully comply with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Learn how to approach multi-layered security to protect from external and internal threats.

What level of support can you expect from the enterprise CMS provider?

To efficiently deal with business problems, look for a vendor with a best-in-class technical support team that can provide immediate assistance when an issue arises. Ask about the available support levels, such as self-service online portals, chatbots or connecting with a subject matter expert in real-time. Your provider's tech team should have the appropriate level of knowledge to help you determine the proper course of action for every eventuality.

If you want to add value to your company with an enterprise content management solution, ask vendors these questions to help you choose the best enterprise CMS for your current and future needs.

A carefully considered RFP solicitation will attract the right CMS vendors and avert major headaches.

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