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Introducing a new, GraphQL-focused code example library

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If you’re a developer, you’re well aware of the importance of learning by example. As part of the effort of the Brightspot Developer Portal, we’ve put together a set of code examples that will help you better understand how to use Brightspot’s implementation of GraphQL.

These code examples tackle a number of GraphQL-related topics, showing you how to build sample apps that use JavaScript classes for the back end, and React for the front end.

A collection of code examples published as part of the new Brightspot Developer Portal.

These code examples run the gamut:

  • Generating a delivery API endpoint
  • Debugging CORS issues
  • Implementing theming via content delivery API endpoint
  • Rendering Marked Text and customizing its appearance and functionality
  • Creating introspection query rules
  • Many more

To see a full list of the code examples that are available, see the promo to the right.

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Mark is Director, Digital Content at Brightspot. When he's not gleaning insights from various developers from the company, he spends his time cooking new dishes at home with his wife and two hyperactive cats.

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