Adding terms to a dictionary

Terms are individual entries in a dictionary. As you add terms to a dictionary, you typically include synonyms, misspellings, and other variants associated with the term.

To add terms to a dictionary:

  1. Click menu > Search > Dictionary/Terms.
  2. In the left rail, under Term, click New Term.

    New term form.png New term form.png
    New term form

  3. In the Primary Phrase field, type a term or a phrase. Do not enclose phrases in quotes.
  4. In the Variants field, add synonyms or variants of the term or phrase.
  5. In the Misspellings field, add misspellings associated with the term or phrase.
  6. In the Dictionaries field, click add_circle_outline to select dictionaries to which you want to add this term.
  7. Click Save.
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