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Displaying the Assignment Desk dashboard

This topic describes how to display the Assignment Desk dashboard.

To display the Assignment Desk dashboard:

  • From the Navigation Menu, select Assignment Desk.

    Assignment Desk dashboard with labels.png
    Assignment Desk dashboard

As you can see in the image above, the Assignment Desk dashboard is broken into four main areas. Below are descriptions of each area corresponding to the numbers in the image.

1. The Search panel—The Search panel offers several ways for you to search for assignments or pitches in Assignment Desk. You have the option to do a text search, or set multiple criteria to find the assignment or pitch for which you are looking. In addition, you can save searches you use frequently as well as create new assignments or pitches using the New button.

2. Navigation aids—At the very top of the Assignment Desk dashboard are some common navigation aids. You can sort the order of items displayed on the dashboard as well as limit the number of items shown.

3. Requires Attention—The Requires Attention section of the Assignment Desk dashboard displays a list of assignments or pitches that are in immediate need of action. These include items flagged as "urgent" or that are past due based on the date assigned.

4. Kanban board—The Kanban board provides a visual means for you to track assignments and pitches through your designated workflow. Color coded columns provide easy visual cues to see where these items are at in the process. You can drag and drop items from one column to another on the Kanban board. When dragging items from one column to another the data within the item, including the revision history, are updated.

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