Configuring base URLs

The following table describes when you need to configure base URLs for your sites as well as associated default values.

Type of base URL
When to set
Default if not set
Site URL As needed; as a best practice, assign a different Site URL to each of your sites.
  • For the Global site, same domain as where you installed Brightspot.
  • For other sites, same as Global site.
Preview URL You are using Brightspot in a headless environment. Available for the Global site only.
  • For the Global site, N/A.
  • For other sites, same as Global site.
Tool URL

If both of the following conditions are true:

  • Your Brightspot developer did not configure a tool URL.
  • Brightspot is sending notifications with links (such as text messages or emails).

Otherwise, configuring a Tool URL is optional.

Same as the site URL.
  1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  2. In the Sites & Settings widget, click the site for which you want to configure base URLs.
  3. Click search, located to the left of more_horiz, and type Default Tool URL.
  4. Enter base URLs in the Default Tool URL field.

    Configuring Base URLs.png Configuring Base URLs.png

  5. Click Save.
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