Customizing a theme using Styleguide

You can use Styleguide to customize a theme. (To customize a theme in the CMS, see Customizing a theme.)

To customize a theme using Styleguide:

  1. Open Styleguide. For details, see Accessing the Styleguide theme editor.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, toggle on Fields.
  3. Under the Theme and Template tabs, and using the tables in Customizing a theme as a reference, modify as desired.
  4. Click preview to see a preview of your changes. Click cancel_presentation to revert back to the default theme settings.
  5. To save a preset of your modifications for future use, see Style presets.
  • Styling elements with the value No Color have no override and inherit the theme bundle's color.
  • To remove a color override and restore the theme's original color, click expand_more to open the color picker, click block, and then click OK.

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