Filtering search results

Full-text search can display many matching assets, most of which may not pertain to the asset for which you are searching. You can narrow the retrieved assets by filtering on fields in the search panel. Each time you make a selection, Brightspot immediately updates the list of filtered assets.

You can also filter assets without doing full-text search.

Except for step 1, all steps in the following procedure are optional.

To filter search results:

  1. In the header, click in the search field. The search panel appears.

    Filter search results example.png Filter search results example.png

  2. Type text in the Search field to perform a full-text search.
  3. From the topmost list, select the type of content for which you are searching. Making a selection from this list displays additional filter fields relevant to the content type. For example, if you select Article, Brightspot displays filter fields for AuthorSection, and Tag in the Article Filters section. This section changes based on the content type you choose.
  4. To search for an asset based on a date range, expand the date range list and select from the following choices:

    • Any Publish Date—returns assets of the selected status regardless of date.
    • Publish Date: Today—returns assets of the selected status for today only.
    • Publish Date: Yesterday—returns assets of the selected status for yesterday only.
    • Publish Date: Past 7 Days—returns assets of the selected status from within the past seven days.
    • Publish Date: Past 30 Days—returns assets of the selected status from within the past 30 days.
    • Publish Date: Custom—opens a date range picker that allows you to choose the start and end date of the date range you want to search for assets of the selected status.
  5. To search by an asset's status, open the status list and select one or more of the following statuses:

    • Published
    • Archived
    • Draft
    • Revision
  6. To reset the search criteria, filters, and search results, click Reset at the top of the search panel.

Every time you apply a filter, Brightspot saves it along with the search criteria under the Recent Searches list.

Brightspot resets the global filters when you change the content type. For example, if you first search for articles with status Draft, and then search for images, Brightspot resets the status to Published. You can retain the values for global filters and content type filters as you change content types by setting a Sticky Search setting. For details, see Global site settings.

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