How Brightspot delivers images

When you upload an image to Brightspot, the image remains in its original form without any cropping or resizing. When a visitor views one of your pages that contains the image, Brightspot does the following:

  1. Determines the context required for the page.
  2. Crops, resizes, and otherwise modifies the image as required by the context.
  3. Delivers the modified image to the visitor’s web browser.
  4. Saves a copy of the modified image for subsequent visits to the page.

When cropping an image to a specific size, Brightspot crops around the original image’s center. In the following example, the image to the left is 594 × 370 pixels, and the sunset is to the far right. In some contexts, Brightspot needs to deliver the image cropped to 224 × 246. Because the default crop is around the image’s center, the sunset is lost.

Original Image Cropped Image
Deliver Images Original.png Deliver Images Original.png
Deliver Image Crop.png Deliver Image Crop.png

To prevent such situations, you can set a focus point inside an image. Brightspot then crops the original image around the focus point. For example, if you place the focus point on the sunset, Brightspot applies the 224 × 246 crop around the sunset, keeping the sunset as close to the center as possible.

Deliver Image Crop around Focus.png Deliver Image Crop around Focus.png

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