Accessing production guides

You can access production guides at any time within Brightspot.

To access production guides:

  • From the header, click help. A panel appears on the right that provides descriptions of the fields that appear on the page you are viewing.
Production guides example.png Production guides example.png
An example of production guides available on a content edit page
Once opened, the production guides pane remains open. To hide production guides, click help once again.

The elements that get you up and running in a matter of days, from pre-built content types, to modules, to landing pages.

Content types
Landing pages
Everything you need to manage and administer content within Brightspot CMS.

Admin configurations
A guide for installing, supporting and administering code on the Brightspot platform.

Field types
Content modeling
Rich-text elements
A guide for configuring different integrations to support a multitude of use cases.

Google Analytics
Apple News