Configuring AEM synchronization

Brightspot integrates with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to provide you with the most powerful means to manage your content. This topic provides guidance on synchronizing Brightspot and AEM.

To configure AEM synchronization:

  1. In AEM, create the folder you want to synchronize with Brightspot.
  2. To configure synchronization from Brightspot to AEM, do the following:
    1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings > Global. The Edit Global widget appears.
    2. Under Main, expand Adobe AEM.
    3. From the Settings list, select Set.
    4. Using the following table as a reference, enter values to synchronize content from Brightspot to AEM.
    5. Click Save.
  3. To configure synchronization from AEM to Brightspot, do the following:
    1. Go to the AEM tools console at http://<aehmost>/miscadmin.
    2. Under Tools/Replication, select Agents on author.
    3. Click New. A Create Page dialog box appears.
    4. In the Title field, enter the synchronization folder's title.
    5. In the Name field, enter the synchronization folder's name.
    6. Select Replication Agent.
    7. Click Create. You return to the Agents on author list.
    8. Double-click the agent you just created. A widget appears.
    9. Click Edit. An Agent Settings dialog box appears.
    10. Under Transport, in the URI field, enter http://hostname/_api/adobe/aem, where hostname is the Brightspot tool URL, such as
    11. In the User and Password fields, enter an existing Brightspot username and password. Ensure this user has adequate permissions to create content.
    12. Under Triggers, mark On Modification.
    13. Click OK. You return to the previous widget.
    14. Click Test Connection. A web page appears with diagnostic messages. If the last message is Replication test succeeded, the AEM-to-Brightspot synchronization is configured correctly.

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