Understanding Brightspot's image editor

The image editor in Brightspot provides the ability to set focus points, rotate, flip, adjust color, and manually adjust specific sizes for an image. Brightspot applies these changes to the front-end display of the image without ever altering the original image file that was uploaded.

Some of the key editing actions a user can take on an image are:

  • Setting Focus Points: An image’s focus point is the ideal vertical and horizontal center for an image. The image editor in Brightspot allows users to set a default focus point that all image sizes, used on the front end of the site, will be centered around. Additionally, a focus point can be set for a specific group of images that share similar aspect ratios. Brightspot provides Landscape, Portrait, and Square groups by default, but these groups may be customized as needed.
  • Rotate and Flip: The image editor allows a user to rotate or flip an image. Images can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise and flipped vertically or horizontally.
  • Color Adjustments: The image editor allows a user to make simple color adjustments to an image. The brightness and contrast of an image can be adjusted using sliders. Sepia, Invert, and Grayscale filters are also available.
  • Sizes: The image editor provides previews of how an image will appear in the different image sizes that are used on the front end of a site. It also allows a user to override the default or set focus point on an image and manually adjust these specific image sizes.
  • Additional Information: The image editor provides some additional information about an image that may be helpful. To view this information click on the icon that appears in the top-right corner of the image. These include:
    • Source Data: Displays metadata from the source image file, such as original height and width, resolution, and date taken. The available metadata depends on the device or application that created the image.
    • Original Image: Links to the original image that was uploaded to Brightspot and saved in the content delivery network.
    • Resized Images: Allows a user to view a preview of images in every possible size with a link to view and download the image at the selected size.
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