v4.5.3 release

Release date: March 31, 2022

Brightspot 4.5.3 has 9 bug fixes, 18 improvements, and 6 new features.

Significant improvements

  • Added new Post-publish actions feature, allowing editors an easy way to take additional, important actions after publishing a piece of content.
  • Added an Authorship Volume & Engagement widget. The volume and engagement metrics that this widget exposes will help publishers and editors visually keep track of the volume of content being created as well as the engagement with this content.
  • Facilitated management of UI settings, which now live in the CMS tab and the UI cluster automatically. These settings respect hierarchy.
  • Improved translations, specifically by allowing a translated asset to automatically be assigned to the correct site based on the available locales, and by allowing editors to pick a shared or one-off site group.
  • The Translation plugin now provides an additional setting to configure which locales a site can support. This helps prevent the Translation tab from getting crowded with available locale options if an admin wants to enforce that an editor only use one.
  • Improved "favoriting" UI.
  • Site category search now includes any subcategories of parent categories returned when filtering results (not just those subcategories that were directly linked).
  • Improved UI for The Shelf.
  • When adding search result fields, editable placeholder text is now displayed alongside the editable placeholder, resulting in less clicks for the editor and a better general sense of which field is being added.
  • Improved Search Board View:

    • Boolean values in the Search Board View or in the Field Preview Popup are now localized, facilitating the Brightspot user experience for non-English speakers.
    • Dragging cards from column to column is now much faster. Additionally, the place where an editor drags a card now persists after the drop.
    • Improved UI.
  • “Bring Your Own Key” functionality has been enabled for AWS Rekognition, AWS Translate, AWS Transcribe, and AWS Comprehend integrations.
  • Editors now have the ability to group fields in a CSS Group in order to influence the layout of an editorial content type.
  • Editors now have the ability to choose a material icon to display along with their editorial content types in the CMS (like in the Quick Start widget).
  • Time-related fields in Google Analytics (like Time on Page) are now configured to be reported in HH:MM:SS format.

Significant defects addressed

  • Corrected an issue causing the Image Recognition task to attempt to run twice.

Breaking changes

  • None.
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