Viewing a scheduled asset

You can view a scheduled asset in one of two ways:

  • By opening the Edit Schedule pop-up, then locate the scheduled asset under the Items field.
  • By searching for the asset using the Draft or Revision search filters.

This topic explains how to view a scheduled asset using both methods above.

If you are not currently in a schedule when viewing an asset, Brightspot recommends exercising extreme caution, as the Schedule button on the asset will appear and operate as the default Publish button, and assets may accidentally be published before they are intended to be. Brightspot recommends only viewing an scheduled asset if you are already in schedule mode. For details, Entering an existing bulk schedule.

To view scheduled assets from the Edit Schedule pop-up:

  • In the bulk schedule confirmation message, click the name of the schedule to open the Edit Schedule pop-up, then find the asset under Items.
Bulk scheduling confirmation message.png Bulk scheduling confirmation message.png
Scheduling message
List of scheduled assets.png List of scheduled assets.png

To view scheduled assets from search:

  • In the search panel, search for an asset using either the Draft or Revision search filters. For details, see Search filters. An asset that has been added to a schedule includes a Scheduled label.
Scheduled label in search.png Scheduled label in search.png

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