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The evolution of CMS: A look into what you need to future-proof your content platform

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Explore the evolution of CMS platforms, their role in modern digital experiences and key features to ensure adaptability in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Today’s digital demands—and consumer expectations—are forcing a shift in how businesses need to prioritize technology needs. It’s increasingly important for organizations to adapt quickly in order to keep up and stay relevant in order to be successful. For example, 64% of consumers wish companies would respond faster to meet their changing needs.

Every digital experience across touchpoints needs to be highly relevant, contextualized, genuine and authentic, as a customer's digital experience will define a business' success. Content is at the heart of delivering successful digital experiences.

Because every business is now a content business, having a content management system (CMS) that can evolve and adapt to changing needs is increasingly important. With a modern CMS, organizations and publishers can easily develop a content hub that brings together all existing and new solutions, as well as content formats including images, videos, podcasts and interactive elements in one place. Having these attributes can allow users to seamlessly create, publish and distribute content to meet the needs of various audiences.

Because customer demands change quickly, your CMS solution must also be able to change and adapt. Looking to the future, in-demand CMSs will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of digital content creation, distribution and engagement in the modern landscape. Here’s a look at four characteristics to expect from future-proof content management solutions.

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
July 05, 2023
Create engaging content faster and more efficiently with Brightspot's integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT tool. This integration empowers content authors, editors, marketers and communications professionals to produce high-quality content that resonates with their target audiences.
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AI tool integration

AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have recently skyrocketed in adoption across organizations in all industries. These tools offer promise in expediting components of the content development process, such as ideation, keyword optimization and content summarization. Because AI and machine learning can analyze user behavior, preferences and engagement patterns, they can deliver tailored content recommendations to users. By integrating AI, future-proof CMS platforms can automate content tagging and categorization. They can even generate personalized content in real time.

For example, Brightspot integrates with OpenAI and other AI tools to revolutionize how content creators deliver on their content strategies. With access to OpenAI from the Brightspot platform, it’s easy for content creators to access and utilize database information, quickly personalizing their content for specific audiences and boosting efficiency by taking advantage of AI-assisted suggestions for headlines, subheads and full body text.

Cloud deployment

Modern businesses are cutting costs and improving data security by moving their data from on-premises servers to the cloud. Because cloud technology allows for easy flexibility and scalability, it helps organizations accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

A cloud-based CMS can be a game-changer for today’s businesses, allowing content teams to easily create and manage content without depending on their IT teams. A cloud CMS also allows for automatic upgrades, minimizing downtime and ensuring access to the latest features and functionality. With greater flexibility and adaptability, a cloud-based CMS can seamlessly integrate with other applications and platforms, driving organizations into the future.

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Enhanced security and data privacy

Protecting data and protecting the security of your customers’ digital experience are vital to a modern organization’s success. Forward-thinking CMS solutions will include robust security protocols.

A cloud-based CMS can offer enhanced security and compliance, as vendors like Brightspot provide robust, built-in security features and automatic security updates. For example, Brightspot offers single sign-on authentication, allowing users to sign in one time and gain access to multiple applications or sites that would typically require additional sign-on procedures. With single sign-on capabilities, users just have to remember one password and are more likely to protect it, rather than having many passwords written down or stored insecurely.

Integration with other applications

The beauty of modern cloud-based technology solutions is the ability to use various best-in-class products together rather than having to find one solution that can do it all. That’s why the top future-ready content management systems allow for easy integration with other applications. By integrating with other third-party tools, CMS solutions like Brightspot promote more efficient content creation through seamless collaboration, automated workflows for routine tasks and streamlined adoption of new tools and techniques.

For example, Brightspot comes off the shelf with 70 pre-built integrations to popular software solutions from third-party providers, such as Apple News, Google Analytics, Hubspot, YouTube, Google Translate and Shutterstock. Users can choose to continue using the digital publishing tools they already love and easily add new capabilities with other integrations, all while creating, publishing, distributing and managing content from one location.

The evolution of CMSs has been nothing short of remarkable. As digital content continues to shape how we consume information, the role of CMS platforms has expanded from mere content repositories to sophisticated engines that drive efficiency, innovation, compliance and strategy. By adapting to these trends, CMS platforms like Brightspot are poised to deliver exceptional digital experiences that stand the test of time and technological change.

Edward Murray
By Edward Murray
September 22, 2023
With the continued growth of AI applications, organizations are starting to learn, adapt, embrace and integrate the technology into daily operations. Brightspot's Adri Nowell and Meredith Rodkey joined a panel to discuss the roses and thorns of AI technology.

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