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Choosing the right CMS: Brightspot vs. Sitecore

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With thousands of CMS options on the market, choosing the right CMS can be a daunting prospect. Here, we take a side-by-side look at Brightspot and Sitecore to help identify if Brightspot is the right CMS choice for your organization.

Has your business changed in the last year? Have your business goals and challenges evolved? Almost every business would answer "yes" to these questions.

But then the questions go deeper: What needs to change within the business to meet these new goals? Where do you begin? These are big questions that are difficult to answer, and every stakeholder will likely have a different opinion.

Anne Neubauer
By Anne Neubauer
September 29, 2022
When you’re in the market for a new content management system, you can keep your publishers, developers and marketing teams happy by reading this first.
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A standard starting place for many organizations, however, has been their digital environment. Flexera’s 2021 State of Tech Spend Report noted that, although the drivers of digital transformation are unchanged, "the pressure to fast-track digitization increased dramatically with the emergence of COVID-19... causing organizations to shift gears with respect to timelines and IT spend allocations. As disruptive as 2020 was, the long-term advantages of earlier digital transformation are likely to lead to enhanced business success over the next few years."

In the publishing world, one critical component to businesses’ digitization success is their content management system. Has your CMS evolved alongside you? Does it provide you with the flexibility, productivity and support that you need to succeed today?

When answering these questions, other CMS companies will often center the conversation around their solution. At Brightspot, we focus first and foremost on the problems you are facing, and then we plan out together how Brightspot can solve those specific problems.

Key factors to consider when choosing the right CMS

When looking to optimize the productivity and flexibility of your operations, keep in mind the goals you’re trying to achieve and closely assess how your CMS can support it.

Productivity as a Business Goal: Your existing tech stack isn’t solving all your problems. You can’t replatform completely due to costs and logistics, so you need a solution that can fill the gaps and help you meet your revenue goals and requirements.

  • With Brightspot: The Brightspot CMS was built to be so highly extensible that it can exist in your tech stack solely to connect the dots and solve the very specific gaps that you have. 
  • With Sitecore: The restrictive nature of Sitecore’s back-end framework is likely to hinder the team’s ability to achieve ideal productivity. Its overly rich user interfaces frequently confuse casual contributors as well.

Flexibility as a Business Goal: You’re looking to develop and deploy engaging content experiences for your audiences, no matter the device. You want the ultimate flexibility when executing a content strategy—one that works for your business' vision and goals—without having to compromise on how the solution is implemented on the back end.

  • With Brightspot: Brightspot empowers an API-first approach, as opposed to API-only platforms that don't have the same level of flexibility, to give publishers the option and access to use a number of pre-built integrations to save valuable development time and effort. It’s easy to connect to your data using one of Brightspot’s 75+ integrations. 
  • With Sitecore: This is better suited for teams with heavy developer time and resources, as the back-end structure requires longer implementation times; this platform is more of a toolkit than an out-of-the-box solution. 

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