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7 ways Brightspot CMS will elevate your digital strategy

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If you want to transform fast, Brightspot's business-ready CMS can help you—regardless of your organization's size or technical expertise. Launch fully functional digital experiences in record time, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

Get started in minutes, not months

Publish right away using hundreds of pre-modeled, pre-built and fully functional content types ready for your team the minute they get started.

From full-page templates like articles, blogs and blog posts, live blogs, listicles and email newsletters to modular components like promos, lists, forms and navigation items, your content teams can literally start publishing within the first hour, without requiring your development team to do anything at all.

These content types are used by leading brands including Walmart, the Los Angeles Times and POLITICO, to name but a few, so you can be confident that they will work for you, too.

Of course, you can create your own content types, too, in the event that you want to. You can also extend or modify the pre-built types with simple JavaScript customization. In most cases, though, your content teams will have most—if not all—of what they need without requiring a single developer or even one line of code to be written.

Integrate your tech stack without developers or code

Choose from our robust library of ready-to-use integrations. From analytics to advertising, marketing automation to email service providers (ESP), paywalls and subscription management to translations, Brightspot makes it easy to connect your systems. In addition, they are automatically maintained too. If you don't see the one you are looking for now, please get in touch to see if and how it can be incorporated.

Simply drop in your account credentials and go, meaning your development team does not have to worry about APIs, SDKs, writing, testing or deploying any code. That’s already done for you. Your content teams can start pulling in analytics data, translating content, publishing third-party forms, syndicating newsletters to your email subscribers—and more.

Not only is it easy to get started, our automatic integration updates will eliminate the need for you to dedicate resources to keeping up with changes and reacting to issues.

Leave the complex design, development, maintenance, support and upgrades of your third-party integrations to us—and let your content and development teams focus on delivering the best digital experiences for your audiences.

Build your front-end experience with or without a developer

Use one of our front-end themes to instantly enable your teams to publish content and display it on the web without having to to write any code or create any front-end functionality—on day one, without any work required by developers.

The theme can easily map to your desired colors, styles and fonts that suit your branding requirements.

You can modify the provided theme "editorially" (meaning without code) or, you can take a professional software approach, and create a brand new theme bundle that includes CSS, JavaScript and Handlebars templates. You can go as far as you like with Brightspot, in whatever method you prefer, to customize your front-end experience.

Implement exactly the way you want to

Get the ultimate flexibility with the ability to implement the CMS architecture exactly how you want. If you want to take a headless approach, we can do that. We can also offer you a much more flexible option that will eliminate the time-consuming and complex front-end build cycles required before a site or app can be launched. This implementation means you can take headless approach on certain projects and benefit from the ready-to-go theme and components on other projects. No need for your organization to have to make the difficult decision to go all in one way or the other.

Empower your content team to do more

Put the ability to create brand-new pages, sections, microsites or landing pages directly into the hands of your content teams. No dependencies on any code, configuration, tickets or development requests to make it possible.

Additionally, your content teams can create user-specific roles and permissions, giving you granular control over exactly what each user can see and do, and what they cannot.

If your organization has multi-step workflows that involve multiple team members creating, editing and/or approving content for your sites, you can "editorially" (again, without code) create as many custom workflows for every different content type—controlling every step of the workflow process from creation to publish, with as many different steps and different users as your workflow requires. Brightspot firmly believes that a CMS should fit into your organization’s existing workflow, rather than being forced to change your workflow to suit your CMS—and do all of it without needing a developer in the mix.

Create and collaborate with unparalleled publishing tools

Give your team publishing power with a world-class rich-text editor, which comes with inline commenting and track changes just like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

The in-CMS preview feature makes it easy to see what your content looks like before it goes live, plus you can share preview links with stakeholders outside the CMS to ensure everyone is aligned and satisfied.

Brightspot also makes it extremely easy to collaborate across your organization. Content teams can tag anyone in the organization and collaborate via comments and track changes. Users can subscribe to relevant notifications and have them delivered via email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Get a turnkey CMS for less than the cost of single developer

Everything described here, and much more that you’ll learn about later as you dig deeper into Brightspot, is available out-of-the-box, on day one, for the approximate annual expense of a single U.S.-based software developer.

The result?

Empower your content teams to move forward on the path to digital transformation at astonishing speed—without having a single developer involved or one line of new code written. Meanwhile, your development resources can be turned toward delivering tomorrow's digital road map—today.


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