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The benefits of a digital experience platform, explained

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Today's content management systems provide flexible, scalable capabilities that extend well beyond simply managing content.

A modern CMS today is equipped to deliver digital experiences across devices and channels, and with a level of flexibility and customization that eclipses the monolithic origins of earlier CMSs.

Enter the idea of a digital experience platform (DXP), which is a term coined by research-analysis firm Gartner in 2020 to replace its much-vaunted Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

Gartner now classifies CMS vendors like Brightspot under its new Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. The company defines a digital experience platform "as an integrated set of technologies, based on a common platform, that provides a broad range of audiences with consistent, secure and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touchpoints."

To unscramble the alphabet soup of acronyms in this innovative market, let's take a closer look at the world of DXPs and how Brightspot CMS fits.

Organizations use DXPs to build, deploy and continually improve websites, portals, mobile and other digital experiences. DXPs manage the presentation layer based on the role, security privileges and preferences of an individual. They combine and coordinate applications, including content management, search and navigation, personalization, integration and aggregation, collaboration, workflow, analytics, mobile and multichannel support.
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What is a DXP?

A DXP is a CMS, but it builds on the idea of reaching across channels for the full spectrum of end-to-end customer engagement. In short, it takes everything a step further.

A robust DXP sits at the heart of an array of marketing tools, using APIs to integrate with your existing technology stack and with new third-party services that either exist today or will be available in the future. It leverages solutions like digital asset management (DAM), marketing automation and personalization, and it caters to the latest content requirements, such as for simplified production for distributed teams and omnichannel distribution.

How do you know if you have a DXP?

If you’re utilizing a true DXP solution, you should have the following at your fingertips:

  • True flexibility: The right solution provides the flexibility organizations need to keep their current operations running with existing technology while also allowing for seamless integration with new systems and technology. 
  • Business acceleration: Custom workflows give teams a flexible solution to address specific business needs and manage unique sites with complete control over the content-development lifecycle. This also sidesteps a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Future-proofing capabilities: A future-proofed architecture promotes speed, agility and interoperability, and streamlines publishing processes and empowers editorial teams to adapt to any changes in audience behavior. One example of this is the ability to cater to all content types, including text, image, video, audio, so that editorial teams have the ability to create and execute as needed—all with great speed. 
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DXP vs CMS vs WCM: What's the difference?

In summary, here are answers to some common questions that arise when looking at the difference between a CMS, DXP and other commonly used terms in the CMS technology space.

What is a DXP?

A DXP is a digital experience platform. At its core, it's a CMS—but a DXP leverages the idea of reaching across channels for the full spectrum of end-to-end customer engagement.

What's the difference between a CMS and a DXP?

Foundationally, a CMS—content management system—exists as a place to create, manage and publish content experiences. However, this definition has vastly evolved to encompass all manner of digital experiences and delivery channels. A modern CMS should now be considered the core of any digital experience platform.

The truth is that DXP and CMS solutions overlap—and, in fact, a CMS is an essential part of a DXP. Marketing stacks are complicated, with many different technologies serving different purposes. It’s also important to recognize that DXP platforms often don’t exist as tangible pieces of technology—rather, a DXP should be thought of as a concept instead of one vendor solution. The right DXP will replace much of your current MarTech stack, and fluidly integrate with the rest of it.

Who coined the term DXP?

When Gartner retired its well-known Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management report in January 2020, the research firm noted that it saw client demand shifting from CMS technology "to the broader scope of DXP." The reasearch firm subsequently started the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms in 2020.

What is WCM?

WCM stands for web content management. A WCMS is a web content-management system, and by definition refers to a system for managing content for a website rather the broader digital spectrum for how we now manage, produce and deliver digital experiences via a modern CMS.

Why Brightspot CMS is your best DXP solution

Analyst Dion Hinchcliffe in ZDNet stated that "the digital experience is becoming a pre-eminent organization-wide focus in how we deliver and capture value from our stakeholders, whether they are customers, partners, suppliers, or workers."

To this, he noted that Brightspot delivers on this vision by allowing companies to take their content, including digital assets of almost any kind, and strategically manage multiple content-based experiences and multiple audiences from a single offering point, with supporting integrations that add everything from monetization and marketing to analytics and access to rich libraries of assets.

4 ways Brightspot CMS delivers as a flexible, future-proofed DXP

Extensible architecture
Brightspot can unite various architectures, and then present the content in any way, on any channel. For example, a single data model on the back end can extend to seven different front-end delivery options that include headless, RSS and various JSON formats. Brightspot is extensible to your unique business needs, meaning you can deliver the digital experience you want and need to.
Flexibility and efficiency
Development time and overhead is reduced with Brightspot’s extensible architecture, which builds efficiency and flexibility into every part of the process. Intuitive data modeling helps reduce the time developers need to spend setting up new projects, allowing them to innovate rather than iterate. The ability to create any new content model and content types accelerates the ability to deploy new experiences for editorial and development teams alike.
Unified ecosystem
Brightspot’s platform is built to integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem, connecting with everything from mobile apps to personalization engines as well as all of your data sources. Brightspot provides a true unified solution for building, deploying and managing the digital experiences your customers expect. 
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Fast digital transformation is more critical than ever, and organizations are increasingly seeking tools they can build upon and adapt to transform fast into the future, which is where integration-friendly solutions play a pivotal role. Brightspot has readily available integrations for AI, analytics tools, marketing and customer insights, and federated search capabilities to help achieve your digital goals. 

Ultimately, our focus extends beyond project completion. We are devoted to our clients’ current and future success, and we obsess over the successful implementation and use of Brightspot for each and every customer—ensuring that your challenges today are tackled, but that you’re also prepared to handle future challenges and opportunities with ease.

Start building in a free trial environment, see a demo or talk to an expert—select one of these paths and start however you would like to!


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