Customizing Brightspot's appearance

You can customize Brightspot's color scheme and layout. All editors can customize Brightspot's appearance for themselves; administrators can customize the appearance for a specific site or for the global site.

  • Customizations at the global level apply to all editors.
  • Customizations at the site level override those at the global level. When an editor works on a particular site, Brightspot's appearance is that configured for the site.
  • Customizations at the editor level override those at the site and global levels.

To customize Brightspot's appearance:

  1. To customize Brightspot's appearance at the global or site level:
    1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
    2. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you are configuring the theme, or select Global to configure the theme for all sites.
    3. Skip to step 3.
  2. To customize Brightspot's appearance at the editor level:
    1. In the header, click your username > Profile.
  3. Expand CMS > UI. The UI cluster contains fields for configuring Brightspot's appearance.
  4. Using the table below as a reference, configure the appearance.
  5. Click Save.

Preset Theme Select one of the themes to use for Brightspot. If you select Custom, you can configure the following colors for individual UI elements:
  • Dominant—Editorial toolbar background, field labels.
  • Gray—Tab labels, placeholders, numbers in selection fields.
  • Red—Error messages.
  • Orange—Used in customized versions of Brightspot.
  • Yellow—Field changed since last save.
  • Green—Editorial toolbar border, color of Publish button.
  • Blue—Cursor in field.
  • Purple—Used in customized versions of Brightspot.

For information about using the color picker, see Configuring a theme's swatch.

Appearance List of appearances, including:
  • Light—The standard Brightspot appearance.
  • DarkBrightspot's Dark mode.
  • Follow OS—The default appearance mode of the operating system being used.
Enable Boxed Input
  • If enabled, places border around fields.
  • If disabled, places border at bottom of fields.
Enable Compact Displays the content edit form with smaller labels and fields, so more of it appears in your screen without scrolling.
Enable Compact Rails Displays widgets in the right and left rails with smaller labels and fields, so more of them appear in your screen without scrolling.
Enable High Contrast Displays Brightspot in a high-contrast mode, improving accessibility and ideal when working outside or with strong ambient light.
Header Background Background color of header.
Our robust, flexible Design System provides hundreds of pre-built components you can use to build the presentation layer of your dreams.

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