Database Storage Item bulk operations

This tool provides bulk copy of file-based data from one Brightspot project to another. File-based data is represented by StorageItem objects that are persisted to the database. In addition to copying file-based data, the tool updates the database of the target project with the StorageItem objects from the source database.

This tool is most commonly used to copy data between a local project and one running on a cloud service like Amazon S3. However, you can also use the tool to copy between projects running on different servers and between projects running on different cloud services. You must set the source and destination of the file copy in a configuration file that’s read by the tool. The configured options appear in the Source and Destination drop-down menus. For more information, see Storage item configuration.

In the Type drop-down menu, set the content types that reference file-based data. If you select All, file-based data is copied for any persisted instance that contains a StorageItem object. The tool ignores persisted instances that do not contain a StorageItem object.

Click the Save object? option if your file-copy configuration specifies a destination folder with a name different from the source folder. If the source and destination folder names do not match, the tool updates the StorageItem objects that it copies to the destination database with the new folder name.

When you start the copy, you can click the Ongoing Tasks link to monitor the copy status. For more information, see Task Status.

Dari Storage Item Bulk Operations tool.png Dari Storage Item Bulk Operations tool.png
Dari Storage Item Bulk Operations tool

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