Product List module

You can create a module promoting a list of products.

To create a Product List module:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. From the Create list, select Product List Module.
  3. Using the following tables as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. Click Save.
Internal NameIn the Internal Name field, enter an internal name. Brightspot uses this name in selection fields.
TitleIn the Title field, enter a title. The title entered here is visible to the visitors to your site.
DescriptionIn the Description field, enter a description. This description is visible to the visitors to your site.
ItemsSelect one of the following:
  • Basic—Adds products to the list. A rendered basic list includes promos of the underlying products, and you cannot override the promos' text or image.
  • Advanced—Adds products' promos to the list. You can customize the promos' text and image. Your customizations remain even if a product's promo changes. See Product Promo module for more details on these fields.
  • Dynamic—Adds products' promos to a list that dynamically updates according to the settings you select. See Understanding dynamic list settings for more information on these settings.
Call To ActionSelect None, Internal or External.
  • None—No Call to Action button is displayed.
  • Internal—A Call to Action button is displayed. You must link to an internal Brightspot asset. This is the destination when a visitor clicks the Call to Action button.
  • External—A Call to Action button is displayed. You must provide a URL to serve as the destination for when the Call to Action button is clicked.
Call To Action Button TextIn the Call To Action Button Text, enter text appearing on the call-to-action button. This text is visible to the visitors to your site.

The following illustration shows just one example of how Brightspot renders a Product List module.

Rendered product list
Rendered product list

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