Brightspot Solutions

Powering Your Digital Experiences

Brightspot, the next generation digital experience platform, powers many diverse use cases, including the largest retailer's corporate storytelling efforts, a highly respected publishing company's digital asset management platform, the second-largest sports apparel manufacturer's intranet, and all 180 facilities of one of the largest golf course operators.

Simply put, Brightspot allows companies to publish more content, with better quality, at a higher velocity and across all screens: mobile, desktop and IoT devices. Call 1-877-795-1203 to speak with a Brightspot consultant.

Brand Storytelling

Brightspot empowers brands to tell meaningful stories and connect with audiences worldwide. Turn your MarComm team into a newsroom with publishing tools that let them focus on creating compelling content.

Learn how Brightspot powered Walmart's storytelling success

Real-Time Publishing

Brightspot is entirely dynamic, offering flexible workflows that match the way a newsroom works. An end-to-end digital experience platform, Brightspot was built to support large editorial teams with core collaboration and editing tools.

Learn how Brightspot powers U.S. News' real-time publishing platform

Over-The-Top Video

Brightspot OTT publishes video content to any device and gives editors the ability to create and maintain OTT content using a single library and without the involvement of a multiple-system operator. Control the distribution of your content within Brightspot’s editorial workflow.

Learn how Brightspot OTT can help deliver compelling video content on any device

Digital Asset Management

Brightspot Media Desk provides a single, intuitive interface to view, edit, and manage all of your assets, eliminating the need to navigate across your distinct systems in order to get the critical data you need to run your business.

Learn how Brightspot Media Desk simplifies the management of digital assets

Multisite Publishing

Publish content across multiple sites from a single instance of Brightspot. Package content together, share to thousands of licensed sites and edit/update that content on the platform. Leverage collaborations by giving an entire editorial team access across one system, regardless of the site they manage.

Learn how Brightspot enabled Hanley Wood to transform into a 'digital first' company

Native App Creation

Create native apps that fully leverage mobile capabilities, such as location, camera, etc. without adding any additional development cycles. Publish content into the app as with any other channel using the same editorial interface and workflow.

Learn how Brightspot App on Demand helps drive deeper engagement with your audience