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Letter from the CEO: Announcing Perfect Sense is Now Brightspot

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Now more than ever, organizations and publishers are being challenged to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation. The content management system (CMS) market is no different.

Increased demand is requiring every business to become a content business. Traditional CMS models are proving outdated as content teams expand and require more from the technology they use. Factors like increased flexibility and access to artificial intelligence and data analysis are no longer nice-to-haves, but need-to-haves, in order to deliver on the personalized experiences people expect.

Twelve years ago, Lisa and I started Perfect Sense—a full-service product company that focused on making each client successful by being of service to our customers and society. In the beginning, Perfect Sense set out to build a modern content management software, which would eventually become the Brightspot platform. Perfect Sense has always represented our people, mission, and values, while Brightspot embodied our platform.

Today, we’re excited to begin a new chapter to redefine and reintroduce Brightspot—no longer just the name of our platform, but now the name of our organization—as a true partner that helps content businesses move forward. Our goal is to challenge what customers can and should expect when selecting a content publishing platform, understanding who today’s organizations and publishers partner with directly determines the success they’ll achieve.

Brightspot’s Content Business Platform and the world-class team behind it enable companies—no matter their business logic, workflows or content types—to solve unique business priorities without compromise. Through extensible architecture, purposeful partnership, integration-ready and publisher-informed technology, Brightspot is at the center of helping customers stay competitive and meet the demand for content in today’s digital world.

The business we started all of those years ago is the same business we run today – and for that we are incredibly proud. Being of service is not secondary to Brightspot—it is how we think about our work and our role in society. To achieve this takes not only the right platform, but more importantly it takes the right people. Rooted in resilience, conviction and generosity, we strive to bring solutions to customers, employees and society. We are passionate about having an impact in what are often our customers’ most important moments, and equally passionate about making Brightspot a great place to work.

We also know that within our communities, actions speak louder than words. While we are redefining our brand, our core mission remains the same: we will stay rooted in our belief that giving back is essential to business, continuing mission work even during the challenges of this year. Our Mission and Culture page highlights some of our favorite moments serving as a company.

To our current customers and partners, we thank you for continuing to challenge, trust and grow with us—and to our future customers, we can’t wait to help transform your content businesses and be a part of your story.

David A. Gang
CEO and Co-Founder


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