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Brightspot launches cloud management tool to improve DevOps productivity

Brightspot today launched Gyro—a powerful cloud management tool that mitigates the risks associated with manually provisioning and managing infrastructure, lack of standards in configurations, and unpredictable results from changes to cloud infrastructure. Gyro dramatically improves DevOps productivity by allowing users to manage and maintain infrastructure using its simple, logic-ready configuration language, built for the cloud.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) automates and standardizes the infrastructure deployment process to make it repeatable and consistent, in turn reducing the risk of mistakes while speeding up the deployment process. Gyro’s simple, intuitive language allows users to define their cloud infrastructure with logic built in, not as an add-on, and without the complexity of a full programming language. Turn the complex and labor intensive tasks of deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructure into simple repeatable commands, allowing your team to focus on higher level needs. With extensibility in mind you can integrate Gyro with other DevOps tools to create a single tool to manage your entire DevOps lifecycle.

Key Gyro features include:

  • Logic: Gyro allows companies to add logic to infrastructure configurations. With built-in support for control flow and modular code, it’s true infrastructure-as-code.
  • Multi-cloud: Cloud-agnostic. The tool centralizes the management of all cloud infrastructure from different providers.
  • Workflows: Gyro enables the design of workflows to precisely control how cloud infrastructure gets updated. Workflows allow you to define multiple deployment stages, enabling complex zero-downtime deployment of new cloud infrastructure. The ability to roll back is built-in.
  • Extensibility: Gyro defines multiple extension points; add new cloud providers, add custom commands that work with the Gyro configuration, or directly extend the Gyro language. The extensions allow you to truly create a single tool to manage an entire DevOps lifecycle.

“We built Gyro to solve our cloud infrastructure management challenges, but we knew other organizations were facing similar DevOps challenges every day,” said Jeremy Collins, CTO, Brightspot. “Based on our own internal success with the tool, we realized that making Gyro widely available could help organizations speed up cloud infrastructure creation, reduce mistakes, and most importantly, do more without growing staff.”

To learn more about how Gyro can help your organization, visit https://getgyro.io/

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