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#GoHugo effort results in $3,000 donation to family

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Earlier in June, Hugo Canada celebrated his first birthday. A joyous day filled with laughter, festivity, and hope soon gave way to fear and uncertainty.

Three days after his birthday, a tumor was identified on Hugo’s kidney and he was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer, AT/RT. With their lives flipped upside down, friends, family, and colleagues of the Canadas reached out to offer love, support, and prayers. With these people in their corner, a positive outlook, and a determined resolve, Hugo and his family began his treatment with the firm belief that he will overcome.

Hugo’s mother, Marianne, is a Special Projects Editor for HGTV.com and host of the online series, Weekday Crafternoon. For over six years, Perfect Sense Digital and HGTV have worked closely on a variety of digital products, and when the news of Hugo’s condition reached our office, we wanted to show our support for Marianne, Hugo, and the entire Canada family.

Meredith Rodkey, a product manager at Perfect Sense Digital, who has worked closely with HGTV in the past, rallied the entire PSD staff around a two-day challenge to fix as many bugs as possible. For each issue in the company’s Jira tracking system that was fixed, Perfect Sense would donate $10 to support Hugo’s medical treatment.

A typical day usually results in 30 to 50 Jira issues being closed. On June 19-20, however, with the opportunity to support Hugo urging them on, developers, QA engineers, designers, and product managers worked tirelessly to close over 300 tickets, raising $3,030 for Hugo’s care.

On June 17, Hugo began chemotherapy treatments and has a long road ahead of him. Currently admitted to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Hugo is awaiting a platelet transfusion and additional tests and treatments. With a long journey ahead of them, Hugo and the Canada’s will continue to need the love, thoughts, and prayers from people all over the world – and they have the Perfect Sense Digital community with them in their belief that Hugo will win his battle with cancer.

You can join in our support of Hugo and the Canada family by making a contribution to support his treatment or cheering on Hugo with your own Go Hugo! photo.

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