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Introducing the Brightspot Developer Portal: Empowering users to extend and customize the CMS platform

Developers can now build bespoke solutions on top of Brightspot’s user-friendly content management system (CMS) platform to more effectively meet companies’ content creation and management needs.

Brightspot Developer Portal Graphic

(Reston, VA., August 9, 2023) Brightspot, the leading provider of content management solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Brightspot Developer Portal. This innovative online portal offers users a comprehensive set of resources and a vibrant community to enhance the developer experience with the Brightspot CMS platform.

The Brightspot Developer Portal is designed to equip developers, engineers and technical teams with the tools and knowledge they need to extend and customize the CMS platform according to their unique business requirements. With this new portal, users can unlock the full potential of Brightspot and take their content management capabilities to unprecedented heights.

The Brightspot Developer Portal offers users three key benefits:

Extensive Resources and Support: The Brightspot Developer Portal provides users with an extensive array of resources, enabling them to maximize their productivity and achieve remarkable results. From development tutorials to comprehensive documentation, engineers, both seasoned and novice, will find invaluable guidance on customizing Brightspot CMS. The portal equips users with the knowledge and skills necessary to streamline their development process.

Vibrant Community and Collaboration: As part of the Brightspot Developer Portal, we are excited to introduce the Brightspot developer community on GitHub Discussions. This engaging platform encourages active user participation and fosters collaboration among developers. It serves as a hub for engineers to connect, share tips and best practices, and seek guidance from fellow community members. With this collaborative environment, developers can learn from each other, gain insights, and collectively push the boundaries of what Brightspot CMS can achieve.

Enhanced Customization Capabilities: The Brightspot Developer Portal opens up a world of possibilities for enabling platform customization. By harnessing the wealth of resources and engaging with the community, users can better tailor Brightspot CMS to suit their specific needs. Whether it's building custom workflows, designing unique front-end experiences, or integrating third-party tools seamlessly, the resources provided in the portal empower users to take control and transform their content management workflows.

We are incredibly excited to launch the Brightspot Developer Portal. We want to provide optionality to our customers and partners. Combining Brightspot’s unparalleled professional services with a vibrant open ecosystem provides the most value to our platform. The future of content management lies in empowering our users to shape their own digital experiences. With the new portal, developers can access everything they need to extend the capabilities of Brightspot and unlock unlimited potential for their content management needs.
Raleigh McClayton, Brightspot Chief Executive Officer
Raleigh McClayton, CEO, Brightspot
We have been working towards the launch of a dedicated portal for external developers all year. Our efforts have been focused on delivering a repository of example code written in TypeScript and React, tutorials featuring step-by-step guides, robust documentation improvements, as well as a dedicated topic-based community using GitHub discussions. We’ve worked hard to ensure that this portal is relevant, robust, and easy to navigate.
image of Brightspot CTO Hyoo Lim
Hyoo Lim, CTO of Brightspot Platform, Brightspot

The Brightspot Developer Portal represents a significant milestone in Brightspot's commitment to driving innovation and enabling users to achieve their digital goals. To explore the Brightspot Developer Portal and join the vibrant developer community, please visit www.brightspot.com/developer

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