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KPS and Brightspot partner to accelerate digital transformation for global customers with modern content management

Brightspot CMS will enable international KPS customers to scale quickly, accommodate complex workflows.

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RESTON, VA August 4, 2021 – KPS, a European-based digital transformation leader in deploying content solutions, has partnered with Brightspot, a leading content management system, to enable seamless, intuitive digital experiences for businesses around the world. Through Brightspot’s best-in-class headless technology, KPS can provide its customers the power of modular content in an intuitive, flexible, agile manner that can be customized to accommodate even the most complex workflows for specific industries or businesses.

KPS’ CMS Center of Excellence, which is focused on helping customers digitally transform through innovative content strategies and enterprise solutions, wants to offer its customers agile solutions that can enable businesses to be more responsive—a solution that is scalable and user-friendly, and one that will allow businesses to get up and running quickly. The KPS and Brightspot partnership comes at a time when KPS is elevating its CMS offerings, and as Brightspot seeks new ways to support the growing demand from international customers to leverage the power of Brightspot technology.

“Both KPS and Brightspot have strong digital transformation and content specialists focused on building life-long partnerships and problem solving for the customer,” said Matthias Nollenberger, Senior Vice President, KPS. “This customer-centric synergy between the two organizations will enable us to help businesses across the world mature with the technology that best fits their needs.”

Benefits KPS customers will experience through the Brightspot CMS include:

  • Modular Content – Everything is built at the object level within the Brightspot platform, making it extremely simple to build at the modular or component level so businesses can more easily deliver content on multiple devices and screens, presenting variations of content to different audiences based on location.
  • Extensibilityand Speed – Brightspot is an extensible, headless platform that allows customers to be flexible and fast without compromising quality or accuracy. The technology can extend with a customer’s business logic and workflow because it was designed to scale as the business matures, ultimately supporting organizations in launching dynamic digital experiences at astonishing speed.
  • Multi-site Flexibility – Brightspot’s flexible framework allows customers the freedom to publish how they want (headless, decoupled or both) all from the same environment. Being able to manage multiple sites from one simple interface and allowing sites to share (or not share) everything can make things much simpler to govern when maintaining multiple sites with microsites.

"Brightspot and KPS are focused on helping customers rethink how to generate value by moving towards technology that allows them to scale more quickly and affordably than with legacy enterprise systems," said Kiran Kairab, Senior Vice President, Partner Strategy and Innovation, Brightspot. “This fully collaborative partnership will enable faster, more streamlined digital transformation for global customers, providing them with the right technology that will grow as they grow.”

About KPS

KPS successfully accompanies companies on their digitisation journey, from strategy to customer interaction to core operations. As a leading transformation partner for the retail industry, KPS is also the first choice for those companies that have their sights set on a state-of-the-art customer experience platform architecture. The industry-specific KPS Instant Platforms unite all processes on a single business platform - end-to-end from customer interaction to operations to finance, implemented with the best technology components in a future-proof high-performance design and flexible infrastructure. They are modular, scalable and greatly increase the speed of process-driven transformation programmes. With ready-to-use products and innovative solutions, market-leading technologies and a strong partner network, we create sustainable added value for our customers.

About Brightspot

At Brightspot we believe technology should enable content-focused teams to work smarter, faster, and more seamlessly to move businesses forward. With decades of collective experience in publishing and media, we’ve built a powerful CMS and world-class Delivery Team to help companies transform their business content and digital experiences by creating enterprise applications at scale with astonishing speed.

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