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Brightspot recognized among CIOReview's "Top 10 Media and Entertainment Solutions Companies"

CIOReview award certificate for Brightspot

Brightspot is excited to announce it has been nominated as one of 2023's "Top 10 Media and Entertainment Solutions Companies" by CIOReview.

Intended to help CIOs navigate the landscape of media-tech solution providers, the 2023 award winners were picked by a selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReview's editorial board.

Visit CIOReview.com to learn why Brightspot was selected as one of 2023's "Top 10 Media and Entertainment Solutions Companies".

In recognizing Brightspot, CIOReview points to the essential function Brightspot CMS performs at the heart of leading media brands including POLITICO, National Geographic, the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg and Univision.

"For over a decade, Brightspot has been the trusted CMS provider for some of the most prominent players in digital publishing and brand storytelling," CIOReview notes in announcing the 2023 award. "It supports customers through their journeys of entering the consumer forum by creating and publishing engaging content and becoming leading producers in their respective fields."

The publication highlights Brightspot's role in helping businesses across the world transform and shape their digital strategies. The CMS's modular-content approach, personalization and localization features, AI and machine-learning capabilities and foundational hybrid, headless or decoupled flexibility all lead to a solution that's built to help media and entertainment companies flourish.

Or, as Brightspot CEO Raleigh McClayton states in acknowledging the award: "We specialize in taking a herculean-sized task and simplifying it for media conglomerates to focus on what they do best—writing and creating content."

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