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7 reasons why WordPress is not the solution to your enterprise content management needs

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Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular blogging software in the world, powering about a third of all websites. And while WordPress works perfectly well for basic websites, it is not optimized for enterprise content management. Here are seven reasons why your business needs a WordPress alternative.

WordPress suffers from plug-in bloat

WordPress includes only basic site features, so most WordPress sites depend on third-party plug-ins to provide advanced functionality. But installing too many of these community-developed plug-ins can slow down your site, increasing page load time and hurting performance.

The best WordPress alternative for reducing integration bloat and complexity?

With a WordPress alternative like Brightspot, however, you don’t need to rely on an array of disjointed plug-ins for basic enterprise functionality. As a purpose-built enterprise content management system, Brightspot has over 70 integrations built in, with native features that enable easy updating and ensure optimal site performance.

WordPress is vulnerable to security breaches

Since WordPress runs on open-source software, it’s possible for hackers to exploit its vulnerabilities. And if you don’t vet each and every one of your WordPress site’s third-party plug-ins, you can open back doors for hackers and 'bots.

The best WordPress alternative for CMS security and peace of mind?

Brightspot, however, prioritizes security with built-in features like multi-factor authentication and defined user roles and permissions to protect your critical data. Security isn’t compromised by reliance on plug-ins, and regular upgrades ensure the platform is highly secure.

WordPress requires constant maintenance

Running a successful WordPress site involves regularly updating your plug-ins and themes, monitoring uptime and compatibility issues, ensuring security upgrades and so much more. There’s a lot of complex technology to manage, and you’ll need to stay on top of it all.

The best WordPress alternative for a platform that's managed proactively?

But if you’d rather have your platform managed for you, consider a WordPress alternative. Brightspot, for example, offers access to a managed services team that handles updates, upgrades, bandwidth, security, storage and more, freeing you up for activities that directly drive revenue.

WordPress has limited scalability

As your business grows, it will quickly exceed the capacity of the WordPress platform. After all, as a WordPress site gets larger, it also gets slower and harder to navigate—exactly the opposite of what you need for a thriving enterprise with thousands of site visitors.

The best WordPress alternative for enterprise-level scalability?

Instead, look for a scalable, future-proof platform that allows you to provide an immersive digital experience. Brightspot’s enterprise content management system acts as an extension of your existing business logic, with integration-ready and migration-friendly architecture that scales as you do.

WordPress is not ideal for multisite management

At its core, WordPress is not a multisite content management system. To use the multisite feature, you’ll have to edit WordPress system files, which requires knowledge of programming languages. Plus, your existing site plug-ins may not be compatible with a multisite ecosystem.

The best WordPress alternative for multisite management?

To meet enterprise-level needs, look for a content management system that can handle multiple platforms as you grow. You can have hundreds of sites with Brightspot, a WordPress alternative that has native ability to share content and workflows among sites.

WordPress does not include high-level technical support

When WordPress plug-ins crash your site, your support options are limited. You can check the WordPress support articles database or try the public support forum, but you won’t get an immediate response. And if you want phone support, you’ll have to sign up for WordPress VIP.

The best WordPress alternative for reliable 24/7 support?

But your enterprise can’t afford downtime. As the best alternative to WordPress, Brightspot offers the robust support your business needs, with 24/7 access to a dedicated tech team that can provide immediate solutions to mission-critical problems.

WordPress has a high total cost of ownership

The WordPress platform may be free, but hosting and maintaining it are not. Consider the costs of building or integrating enterprise-level functionality, maintaining your code and plug-ins, managing spam and handling security issues. Because of all this, WordPress can actually be more expensive over the long run compared to an out-of-the-box solution like Brightspot.

The best cost-effective WordPress alternative for long-term success?

Instead of spending precious time preserving your enterprise’s digital experience, why not invest the time in improving it? Brightspot is a cost-effective alternative to WordPress, providing an all-in-one solution for your enterprise content management needs.

Let’s face it—WordPress simply can’t deliver the digital presence and performance to meet enterprise-level needs. Instead, look for a flexible, customizable platform that can elastically scale with your growing enterprise.

Robyn Tellefsen
About the Author
Robyn Tellefsen
Robyn Tellefsen is a writer for Brightspot. She has 20+ years of experience creating and editing fresh, original content to help brands achieve their business goals. Robyn is a skilled communicator, with expertise across multiple verticals and media. When she’s not writing, you can find her absorbed in the pages of a novel.

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