Grupo Expansión relaunches four sites on Brightspot

Grupo Expansión Relaunches Four Sites on Brightspot

Mexico’s Leading Magazine Publisher Relaunches Websites on Brightspot

Reston, VA – (September 19, 2018) – Grupo Expansión, Mexico’s leading magazine publisher, relaunched four separate websites,,, on one powerful CMS, Brightspot. Brightspot empowers Grupo Expansión to manage its multilingual, multisite system with ease and personalize content streams across any channel for more effective audience engagement.

Out of all of the digital experience platforms [we evaluated], Brightspot has the most advanced technology. Since day one, we knew that Brightspot was not just going to solve our basic needs, but would take us to a new level.
Federico Zubiran Cuaron, Chief Technology Officer at Grupo Expansión

Prior to implementing Brightspot's modern CMS, Grupo Expansión’s digital ecosystem lacked a unified platform to power its growing portfolio of 15 brands and 11 sites. Each website had a unique implementation of a homegrown CMS and remained afloat with isolated, quick fixes.

Grupo Expansión needed a consolidated, future-proof solution not only to inspire and engage a global audience, but to empower its internal team of developers, editors, and marketers. With Brightspot, Grupo Expansión has been able to realize value across three areas of need: developer agility, editorial workflow efficiency, and audience engagement. The newly enhanced sites include:

  • Audience segmentation and personalization capabilities
  • Streamlined editorial workflows
  • Enhanced content publishing
  • Multisite management
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Bulk asset uploading and management

By investing in a foundational technology platform, Grupo Expansión continues to unify and expand its brand throughout Spanish-speaking audiences, improving its competitiveness and continuing on a path of profitable growth.

About Grupo Expansión

Grupo Expansión is Mexico’s leading magazine publisher, with a diverse portfolio of 15 magazines and 11 Internet sites. With a mission to create exciting media experiences that enrich the life of their audience, Expansion’s multiplatform publications cover everything from business and finance to lifestyle and entertainment.

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