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You can save frequently used search criteria and filtering options for future retrievals.
You can paste content from Microsoft Word or Google Docs directly into a rich-text module.
Familiarize yourself on Brightspot’s site hierarchy, how to create a site, and how to configure a site’s settings.
You can group those items into a single work stream, and assign the work stream to one or more contributing editors.
This section contains an overview of the changes associated with each version of Brightspot.
A view of Brightspot issues being reported and tracked in GitHub.
Familiarize yourself on Brightspot’s site hierarchy, how to create a site, and how to configure a site’s settings.
Learn the Brightspot language and terms in this glossary.
Styleguide provides a view generator which allows Styleguide to integrate with Brightspot’s view system.
You can promote the re-use of base data files by grouping them inside JSON arrays, one array per file.
The view generator reads the JSON mocks used by Styleguide to produce a Java interface.
This section describes the components of JSON data files as well as their locations inside a Brightspot project.
A typical content model specifies, for each type of content, the associated fields, field types, which of those fields are required, and callbacks from events.
Brightspot includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality to enhance retrieval of your content by Internet search engines.
With customized widgets, you can tailor your version of Brightspot so that it fully supports your organization’s workflow and maximizes your editors’ productivity.
Brightspot provides configuration options to modify default behavior of the editorial UI. You can set these options in the or context.xml file for a servlet container.
The Copy tool allows you to copy data from one database to another, useful when a new MySQL database is added and the Solr database needs to be created.
The Build Information tool provides access to the build history for an application, showing commits and other information.
The com.psddev.dari.util.Task class is the base task class. It contains basic execution control and status methods.
Most high-profile websites deliver binary files to the client, such as graphics, video, audio, and PDFs. Read more on the minimal HTML pattern for delivering the files.


Documentation for creating, publishing, developing, and administering Brightspot and Brightspot applications.
A guide to creating and managing content with Brightspot.

• Dashboard
• Publishing Process
• Images
• Themes
• Components
A guide for installing, supporting and administering Brightspot.

• Installation
• Tutorial
• Content Modeling
• Rich Text
• Images
The data framework that powers Brightspot.

• Databases
• Data Modeling
• File Storage
• Querying
• Reloader
Build themes using Brightspot Styleguide.

• Getting Started
• Templating (Handlebars)
• Wireframes for Layouts
• Image Sizes
• Resource Bundles
The frontend developer tool for Brightspot Themes.

• Introduction to Styleguide
• Mocking Data
• View Generator
• Configuring Styleguide
• Installing Styleguide
Enhance your site with Brightspot plugins.

• Access
• Adobe Stock Image
• Amazon Rekognition
• Amazon Elemental
• Amazon Transcribe