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Use modular content across different assets
What is modular content?
Modular content is an effective way of creating content that can be published across multiple channels, endpoints or anywhere else you desire. It's more than just words and images on a webpage: it allows you to deconstruct any digital asset into a movable building block that can be reused and reorganized in any way you need to deliver your message to your target audience. With a modular approach, you can do more with your content and achieve greater flexibility and efficiency in your content creation and publishing processes.

Brightspot’s approach to modular content

By modularizing content, organizations can create content once and repurpose it across multiple touch points, without having to recreate the same content from scratch for each new platform or device.
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Text-based assets
Brightspot offers a rich set of modeled fields within text-based content types. Each of those fields is a piece of content that can be made available for use across your whole Brightspot instance. In addition, assets like social media posts, images or galleries can be created as “reusable” assets, meaning any user can find a given tweet or gallery and reuse it in a future piece of content.
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Brightspot supports two ways of using images—as “one-off” single use assets or as “shared”. Shared images can be used again and again, and can be discovered easily and quickly via our robust integrated search.
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Perhaps most relevant to modular content is how Brightspot treats modules. Like images, modules can be created as Shared, allowing them to be reused infinitely on pages and in assets across your sites.

Global brands taking a modular approach

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Modular content resources

The Brightspot Content Types Guide provides referential material, explainers. and best practices to make the most out of our hundreds of pre-built content types—assets, modules, landing pages and more.
Developers are responsible for aligning technology to support the mission, strategy and processes of their organization. Here are 10 ways Brightspot CMS empowers and improves the lives of developers.
Content as a service (CaaS) represents one of the new waves of thinking about content management and the content management systems (CMSs) that are used to create and manage this content.
With our older CMS, the team ended up having several pages to maintain, but with a modular approach, connecting them through tagging and other offerings by Brightspot, has allowed us to scale how many different experiences we can offer.
Global Director of Digital Marketing Technologies

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