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Adobe AEM Integration

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Brightspot offers a powerful integration-ready solution for the complexity and technology constraints faced by businesses that are dependent on Adobe Experience Manager.

What’s the business pain point we address?

Companies that have made the financial commitment to implementing Adobe AEM as its publishing tool find themselves with a behemoth platform that is rigid and developer-dependent. AEM customers have invested millions and, now, countless IT professionals spend portions of their day trying to support content teams who have changing requirements or new publishing priorities. Unfortunately, neither the IT nor the content teams are fully satisfied with the pace or performance of this large investment.

The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities to optimize your AEM functionality by leveraging Brightspot CMS, our powerful, integration-ready publishing solution.

In what follows, we'll explore key benefits that customers gain with Brightspot as a replacement for AEM, as well as integration with AEM to gain the benefits of Brightspot's user-friendly platform.

By Brightspot Staff, March 31, 2019
We’ve outlined the top challenges companies encounter when working with Adobe Experience Manager and how we can help you overcome them.
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How does Brightspot approach this problem?

The Brightspot CMS was created to help content-focused teams work smarter, faster and more seamlessly to move their business forward. Brightspot accelerates application development via extendable components and flexible development, testing and automation tools.

Key features & benefits

  • Flexible and adaptable - Brightspot’s flexible platform allows you to focus on the content and not on the platform restrictions. It includes tools on which content-focused teams rely, from monetization to authentication to analytics. With Brightspot, enhance, change or enhance any pre-built modules with ease.
  • Integrations - Brightspot smoothly integrates with your proprietary data as well as any third-party data sources, including the Adobe AEM platform. Brightspot provides two-way sync for published and integrated data sources.
  • Workflow Engine - Superior in every way, the Brightspot Workflow Engine enables teams to create real-time custom workflows that streamline how they create, manage, edit and publish content. This will be a competitive differentiator for your content teams as they adapt in real-time to the requirements of your industry and your organization.
  • AI and ML - Brightspot CMS already includes integration of new and emerging technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence that streamline the content creation and editing process. Think of the time savings from auto-generated tags, transcription of video and audio content, and more.
  • Powerful search - Brightspot’s superior approach to search with federated search makes the content creation and editing process intuitive and fast. Build engaging content quickly with access to gifs and images from your own database or third-party sources like Getty Images or Giphy, all from within Brightspot.
  • Purposeful Partnership - We start working with you on day one to build life-long relationships that drive better, faster and more successful results. We focus on building tailored solutions that check every box for your unique business challenge.

What is the main benefit to the user?

Brightspot CMS and the world-class team behind it enable our customers—no matter their business logic, workflows or content types—to solve unique business challenges without having to compromise. Brightspot will help you go to market faster by eliminating rigidity out of your content creation process. Our publisher-informed and publisher-focused platform becomes a bridge to all systems and data to help move your content business forward, with astonishing speed.

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