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Today, companies must deliver content to more devices, in more languages, faster than ever before. Reports indicate the average consumer in the U.S. and Western Europe has more than nine connected devices—a number that continues to grow every year. Media companies must support these constantly changing consumption patterns while delivering more content in an increasingly personalized manner. Because of that, publishers often struggle with their existing systems in an always-on, hyperconnected world.

For years, Brightspot has developed and implemented custom digital experiences for global, high-volume media companies, including Politico, U.S. News & World Report and Univision. Through our work, we identified the common elements required to launch compelling new digital properties. Now, Ready Made packages these essential components into a turnkey platform that’s accessible not just to the largest media companies but to all publishers of digital content.

How Ready Made Benefits Media Companies

Ready Made for Media was developed to supply media companies with everything needed to launch, run and monetize a website—without burdening your IT department. Our prepackaged components include a best-in-class publishing interface, advertising tools, native video support, personalization, syndication and more. Below we’ve highlighted four components of Ready Made that media companies will especially love:

1. Increased Revenue

Advertising revenue is core to the media business. Ready Made integrates with a variety of advertising networks and offers you complete control over your advertising templates. Place ad units on your pages precisely where you want them.

What’s more, Ready Made gives you the flexibility to control your ad placements directly in the CMS. Want to add a second 300x250 unit onto the right rail of your articles? That’s a publishing change. Need to display a new ad size for mobile users? Again, simply a publishing change. Our platform empowers you to deliver on your advertising goals today—and in the future, as display options grow and evolve.

2. Content Syndicated Across All Channels

With Ready Made, you’ll have the ability to push content to all your channels in a single publishing step. In addition, our SEO capabilities will allow you to control your metadata and maximize search results.

Whether it's through social, search or other channels, your content is likely to be consumed away from your site. Ready Made's out-of-the-box syndication is optimized for Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, APIs and RSS feeds. Publish once and watch as your content is transformed into a vehicle for promotion that gets your ideas and brand in front of new and larger audiences.

3. Rich Text Editor

Ready Made features a potent set of writing and communication tools engineered to make editors work faster and smarter. You’ll get all the rich text editing tools you would expect (styling, hyperlinks, alignment, bullets, etc.), as well as the ability to embed tables, images, galleries, videos and pull quotes in a single step.

Built around the workflow of today’s publishers, Ready Made also allows you to:

  • Track changes and commenting directly in the RTE.
  • Create publishing workflows customized to your publishing model.
  • Drag and drop images and other embeds from your desktop to your story.
  • Set notifications and communicate with your team via a conversations widget.

4. In-CMS Native Video Features

Take your video storytelling to the next level with a template that makes your video the star but also gives you all the power of our article template.

We put an end to the back-and-forth between your OVP and CMS through an integration with Amazon Elemental. Now publishers can work in just one system. Upload, transcode, edit and publish directly from Ready Made. If you’re still married to your existing OVP, we offer integrations with Kaltura, Vimeo, Brightcove and YouTube.

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