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Brightspot Ready Made is the culmination of insights gained over 10 years of implementing digital solutions for some of the world’s largest brands including Univision, Politico and U.S. News & World Report. Through our work building customized offerings, we discovered there are many common elements required to launch compelling new digital properties. What’s more, we realized we could save companies time and expense if we bundled these universally-demanded elements into a single, turnkey solution. That solution is Brightspot Ready Made.

Ready Made is designed for companies that understand the vital role of digital but cannot meet the requirements of the modern consumer with their current technology. Leveraging our expertise in media and corporate websites, we have developed solutions for both segments.

Each package consists of rigorously tested features required for rapid deployment across multiple channels and touchpoints; these include pre-built component libraries, powerful migration tools, out-of-the-box integrations and flexible website themes. With these combined features, CMS users can create practically limitless combinations of website configurations from one single authoring experience, and companies can launch enterprise-class websites in as little as 90 days.

What You’ll Love About Readymade

Ready Made benefits every part of your digital publishing ecosystem. CMS users get a best-in-class publishing experience that requires less time to publish and maintain a site. IT and developers are freed from many of the administrative burdens typically associated with managing a CMS. With rapid deployments and ongoing product innovation, executives get a high return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Below we’ve highlighted four of the many components of Ready Made that distinguish it from other platforms:

1. The Publishing Experience: Our streamlined, modern UX is a joy to use.

Ready Made redefines simplicity, in turn propelling publishing productivity and efficiency. A major difference you’ll find with Brightspot Ready Made versus other solutions is our approach to search. Search powers everything in Brightspot and makes finding content (articles, images, videos, etc.) simple and straightforward, regardless of where you are in the publishing process. As a result, creating and distributing content is faster than ever. Ready Made is based on Brightspot 4.0, which brought numerous usability improvements such as a streamlined UI, branding tools and highly personalized dashboards.

2. No Need for IT: Publish, edit and syndicate without ever filing a ticket.

Designed for editors, Ready Made eliminates obstacles by removing IT from the day-to-day publishing process—providing editors with unprecedented control over the look and feel of their sites. What’s more, Ready Made gives you the flexibility to control your ad placements directly in the CMS.

Regardless of technical skill level, CMS users are empowered to rapidly publish content, update the look and feel of their websites and optimize multimedia for all channels.

3. The Platform’s Flexibility: It’s headless and/or de-coupled and/or coupled.

There’s no need to develop unique interfaces or publishing standards for each channel and device. Instead, Ready Made supports the co-mingling of headless, de-coupled or coupled in a single instance, ensuring the broadest and fastest content distribution.

This is vital as more companies recognize the need to deliver content to an emerging class of connected devices. In fact, support for these capabilities is so important, Brightspot recently developed an entirely new preview engine to give publishers the ability to preview several leading headless content types.

By leveraging Ready Made, companies no longer need to maintain distinct platforms to support new devices—a shift that eliminates administrative burden and accelerates the publishing process.

4. Innovative Integrations: Driven by our customers’ changing needs, Ready Made is flexible and constantly evolving.

We’ve made a conscious decision to remain close to our customers, ensuring their requirements inform our platform roadmap. To support this, we’ve also developed strong partnerships with technology leaders such as AWS to deliver cutting-edge innovations to our customers.

Some of these capabilities include:

  • AWS Rekognition: Leverages machine learning to automatically tag images with people, places, objects, etc., vastly reducing the amount of manual effort to import images and get usable metadata.
  • AWS Elemental: Delivers in-CMS video support, including the ability to transcode video for all channels, clip images to display throughout your site and insert server-side ads to generate revenue.
  • Federated search: Makes searching external content repositories simple; integrates with Getty Images to search images and manage license rights; offers Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox integration to free your digital assets for simple discovery and ongoing usage.

These are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love Brightspot Ready Made. Thanks to the publishing speed and enterprise power of our turnkey platform, you can quickly deliver the unique experiences your users and customers demand across your digital properties. That’s the power of Ready Made.


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