The 2020 State of the Intranet Survey: Has your intranet risen to meet employee expectations?

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Since the intranet was introduced decades ago, its purpose and goals have evolved throughout the years along with the ever-changing tech stack. The corporate intranet used to be universally seen as a document repository where company rules, guidelines, and employee directories lived until an issue arose.

In recent years, intranets have emerged as engaging tools employees use to improve their workflow, feel more connected to their company, and access necessary resources. Despite this trend, organizations have been challenged to embed the intranet as a tool to drive communication, collaboration, and engagement among employees. The global COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the number of employees working outside of the corporate walls making an engaging intranet essential.

So, is your intranet engaging your employees and achieving its objective? Brightspot and CMSWire recently surveyed more than 700 professionals to take a deep dive into the current state of corporate intranets. We found that many companies have an antiquated view of what an intranet is and how an intranet should operate.

Where are Intranets Failing?

While companies may have great goals in mind, actual intranet deployments aren’t delivering the functionality needed for the employees outside of the IT function. A key example highlighted from the survey shows that while a top goal is to create a core communication and collaboration tool out of the intranet, many respondents didn’t think it was essential to integrate the intranet with everyday employee-used tools such as Slack, Workday, Salesforce, and more.

The survey also shows that IT is way more plugged into the intranet technology than the rest of the company. The split between IT and other departments in knowing what technology is being used to power their intranet shows that employees outside of IT may not be engaged with the intranet. When adoption is highlighted as the primary measure of intranet ROI, employees not knowing their intranet technology is a sign you may need to consider revamping your intranet.

Areas IT and Other Departments Can Align to Reach Intranet Goals

The disagreement on vital intranet integrations is an important area to look to for improvement. For an intranet to become a core part of an employee’s digital experience, it must integrate with the network of tools and services they need to get their work done. This goes beyond speeding up their access to documents and files. Communication between departments is vital here. If IT is implementing the company’s intranet in a silo, most of the time they can’t make informed decisions on building a tool that is interactive, useful, and engaging

A surprising result of the survey shows that only 6% see the intranet as a valuable tool for soliciting ongoing feedback from employees. This seems like the first place to start brainstorming ideas to improve your intranet - your employees know what they want and need from a tool they’re being asked to use consistently. Listen to them, and your company will have a headstart on creating an engaging and collaborative tool that employees want to use.

Watch Now: The 2020 Evolution of the Intranet Webinar

Brightspot brought together a panel of internal communications experts for a webinar to discuss the CMSWire 2020 Evolution of the Intranet Survey. For insights on how top enterprise organizations are creating engaging and collaborative intranet experiences and responding to new intranet requirements in the time of a global pandemic, watch the on-demand webinar.


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