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Embedding an FAQ

You can embed a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) into your assets via the rich-text editor.

FAQ with notations .png
FAQ with notations

To embed an FAQ:

  1. Expand the Module field and select FAQ.
  2. Enter a Title for the FAQ.
  3. Toggle the Hide Title field on or off to hide or display the FAQ title. By default, this field is toggled off which causes the title to be displayed.
  4. Enter a short Description of the FAQ (such as the purpose of the FAQs).
  5. Click add_circle_outline and select Question or Subheading.

    1. If you selected Question:

      1. In the Question field, enter one of your frequently asked questions.
      2. In the Answer field, enter the answer to that question using the rich-text editor.
      3. Click add_circle_outline and select Question again to add another question.

        You can also select Subheading at any point while adding questions.

    2. If you selected Subheading:

      1. Enter the text for the subheading in the Value field.
      2. Click add_circle_outline and select Question to add a question under the newly created subheading.
  6. Expand Enhancement Styles and select your Enhancement Alignment. See Enhancement alignment for more information on enhancement placement.
  7. Click Save & Close.
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