Mail publishing

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With the Mail Publishing plugin, editors can submit and publish content using email from a laptop or from a smartphone.

Overview of Mail Publishing

The Mail Publishing plugin enables Email submittals to Brightspot, without contributors having to log into the CMS. Contributors enter article or image content in the body of an Email, as shown in the following example.

This is the body of the article. It doesn't matter what order the fields appear in, or
the number of lines per field.
This field is configured to accept *Markdown syntax*.
In this example, Brightspot will convert the text within the asterisks to rich-text italics.
This is the headline of the article.
  • The # delimiter identifies fields in the article content type. The delimiter used by Email contributors is configured in the plugin.
  • Fields can be entered in any order.
  • Some fields, such as body, can be configured to accept Markdown syntax. Brightspot generates rich text from Markdown syntax.
  • Section and tag fields take comma-separated values.

In addition, Email contributors can attach images, to either create an image instance in Brightspot, or to insert a lead image in an article instance.